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Chapter 11

When Jared woke the next morning, he rolled over to give Jensen a kiss but Jensen’s side of the bed was empty. He sat up and pushed the hair from his eyes, trying not to panic. Did Jensen freak out sometime during the night? Oh god, did he change his mind? Before he could go into a full-fledged panic, the door to the bedroom opened and the most wonderful smell entered followed by a smiling Jensen.

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The End
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Chapter 10

While he was shopping for his parents’ anniversary gift, Jared had spotted the perfect sports watch and purchased it for Jensen. It was super expensive but it was a gift of congratulations for Jensen. He had no doubt that Jensen would get the position.

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chapter 11
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Chapter 8

When he let himself into the house, the babies, as Jared referred to them, greeted him at the door. He checked the area they were confined into until they were house broken for accidents. Finding none, he decided to let them out in the back yard.

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chapter 9
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Chapter 7

Three days. Three days he’d spent buried in Danneel’s body. She was everything he thought she would be, smart funny and caring. Soft. Womanly. She was everything he should want, however, the problem was that somewhere between Jared exploring his body and spending his nights crying in shame, Jensen had started developing feelings for Jared. Being with Danneel had been Jensen’s way of fighting those feelings growing inside him. Danneel was him thumbing his nose at Jared, letting him know that he could fuck him all he wanted, but he was still a red-blooded American male. Straight. He was not gay and had never in his life lusted after another man…it’s just that, Jared.

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chapter 8
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Chapter 4

Jared listened as Jensen left for work. Jared woke early to make Jensen coffee to take with him to work. These were some of the little things he was doing for him now as part of his wooing of the man. A couple of weeks ago he had heard Jensen mention a cappuccino machine that he would love to have, so he would be getting that this afternoon. Also, since Jensen had started volunteering at the animal shelter, he had been talking about these two dogs, puppies really, that had come in. They were going to be Jensen’s as well.

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chapter 5
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Chapter 3

On the drive home from the airport, Jared was excited and nervous like a teenager on his first date. Obviously, he and Jensen had to talk, but the thought that he would be able to touch Jensen and Jensen would touch him, had him on the verge of coming in his pants before he even walked through the door. He knew that he couldn’t just jump the guy when he walked in, but oh God please he could dream.

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Chapter 4
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Fic title: A Kiss to Build A Dream
Author name: cillab42
Artist name: [ profile] dusk_light
Genre:  J2 AU
Pairing:Jensen/Jared Jensen/Danneel Jared/OMC (mentions of)
Rating: NC-17
Word count:  23,947

Warnings:  M/M explicit sex dub-con mentions of het angst and schmoop

Summary: Jared loved Jensen, but Jensen didn’t feel the same, and worse he was straight with no idea of Jared’s feelings. Even after Jared had foolishly asked Jensen to become his roommate, he had accepted the fact that Jensen would never be anything other than his friend. That is until Jensen made a drunken statement that burrowed under Jared’s skin compelling him to make an offer that could possibly ruin their friendship forever or give him the love of his life.

A/N: This is my first Big Bang and my first story over five thousand words, and the first time I will have art with a story, so trust me I was nervous all the way. However, thanks to my lovely betas [ profile] tfw_ftwand [ profile] saltandburnboys and their patience and help, I made it to the finish line.  They encouraged with continuity, some reworking and grammar corrections, so any mistakes are my own. I also want to thank [ profile] dusk_lightfor the amazing art, please show her the love she deserves.

I would also like to thank[ profile] wendyand  [ profile] thehighwaywoman  for continuing to put such hard work into this each year and or making this first time such a pain free experience for me. The title is from a Louis Armstrong song.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2  Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11


Link to fic: Masterpost
Link to art: Art
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Chapter 2

The next morning, the image was still there, playing repeatedly in Jared’s mind. It was featured in Technicolor in his dreams when he finally went to sleep and had him waking up with his shorts sticking to him.

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Chapter 3


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