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The case he chose was a rogue werewolf and Sam hated hunting werewolves because it was too close to home. While the world was woefully unaware of the supernatural, among those in the know, werewolves were the elite. Most were hunters or in some form of law enforcement because they loved the hunt, and other supernatural didn’t like to cross them.

For once he wished that the ride to the hunt wasn’t so far away or even better yet, they had the funds to fly because being in close quarters with someone you weren’t speaking to made for a long goddamned trip.

The car was quiet. Too quiet. Dean wasn’t playing one of the twelve cassettes he owned, and Sam couldn’t take the silence so he reached over and turned the music on and the end of one of Dean’s favorite songs came on:

She's a good rider
She's my kindhearted lady
I'm gonna take my rider by my side
I said her front teeth are lined with gold
She's gotta mortgage on my body, got a lien on my soul
She's my brown skin sugar plum

Sam’s heard this song more times that he could count, but this was the first time he listened to the lyrics. Traveling Riverside Blues was his brother’s favorite song, and he played it constantly. It seemed that Dean had been trying to tell him how he felt for years but he’d been too busy trying to hide his feelings that they both missed the signals that the other was sending.

Even if they had understood, there still was the fact that they both were Alpha’s and Sam knew that he wasn’t willing to give up his Alpha status willingly. In the end, the decision was taken away, and he lost it anyway. Now as the road stretched out before them on that long ride to Washington state, Sam dreaded hearing the song each time it played. By the time they pulled into the parking lot of the hotel they’d found, Sam was ready to throw the cassette away.

The only thing that stopped him was the knowledge that Dean would just replace it.

Once they began to work the case, Sam was shocked that Dean continued to treat him the same as he had before he’d ripped Sam’s world apart. When Sam suggested that they went in as Game Wardens, Dean didn’t question it; he just figured out how to get uniforms while Sam created fake ids.

He wanted to bitch that he was given the easier of the two jobs, except he would have done the same before the change, so he held his thoughts to himself.

Once they talked to the King County sheriff’s department, the pair were on their way to locate the werewolf and ended up at a dive bar that reminded Sam of the bar that he’d located Dean in just a few weeks prior.

At first, there was some confusion because the witness they found thought that he saw a ghost, but their instincts had been right, and it was a werewolf. A pair of werewolves, sisters to be exact.

Fate or God or some higher being was fucking with them because the werewolves were sisters, and they were almost a mirror of what he and Dean had just gone through; one good sister and one evil but in the end good won but not without damage to the relationship.

Making matters worse, one of the sisters was a beta named Kate whom they had met while working a case last year. Sam had convinced Dean to let her go, and now that decision had come back to bit him in the ass.

The case turned out to be a cluster fuck, and because he was a little slow, Kate’s sister Tasha whom she’d turned while on her death bed was making pups, and one of them now held a gun to Sam’s head.

He could smell the anger and fear coming from Dean in droves and as he worried about Sam and he was sure Dean could smell the same emotions coming from him. However, but all he could think of was he’d never told Dean about the baby, and he wasn’t going to tell him because he was at gun point.

“Oh, this is too cute,” Tasha grinned when she realized the nature of their relationship, “Dreamboat and Paul Bunyan are mates as well as brothers like prince William and prince Harry.” She stepped closer to Sam and sniffed, before taunting, “does he royally fuck you?”

Dean growled her, “let him go. I’ll do whatever you want but please just let him go.”

“That’s sweet Dreamboat, but if you cared about him then why is he hunting while he’s pregnant? I’ll let you think about that while I eat his heart.”

“Tasha, what are you doing?” Kate asked as she burst into the room.

“Starting my own pack,” She smiled. “Humans don’t know that we exist and we’re so much smarter and stronger that we should be ruling them.”

“Sam and Dean aren’t human,” Kate reasoned. “They’re just trying to make sure that our kind stays under the radar.’

Sam could sense that Tasha was up to something, and he tried to catch Dean’s attention, but his mate was staring at the young woman as though she was next on his dinner plate. He was trying to protect Sam, and now that the stupid girl had blurted out about the pregnancy, he wanted to protect his pup.

Tasha looked between the brothers and her sisters before telling he minions to take them to the next room while she and her sister spoke alone.

The difference between newly turned wolves and natural born is that the natural born shifter mastered the art of silent communication by their first birthday, and these stupid fucks were still figuring it out. The door hadn’t closed before Dean was speaking telepathically to Sam.

“You think you can take him, bitch?” Dean teased.

“On the count of three, jerk,” Sam teased back.

It didn’t take much to subdue the boys because they were so sure that they had the upper hand that they were sloppy. Like a well-oiled machine, Sam and Dean took them down and ripped out their throats. Once the pups had been taken care of the brothers went after their next target, Kate, and Tasha.

When they entered the room only Tasha’s dead body was in the room, and the open window told them that Kate had escaped.

“She’s good at that,” Dean nodded towards the open window. Sam noticed a touch of admiration in his voice. “I hope that we don’t run into her again because if we do, we’re going to have to take her out.’

Staring at the dead teenager on the bed, Sam nodded in agreement.

This was the part of hunting Sam hated, cleaning up afterwards. The cabin had to be cleaned and the bodies destroyed. They smelled of gasoline and smoke when they returned to the motel as the sun came up.

Sam could sense Dean was calmer now, and he knew that it was because the young shifters death satisfied Mark’s bloodlust, but Sam worried about the time the Mark needed a blod sacrifice.

“Wanna flip for the shower?” Sam asked.

“Nah, you go first,” Dean told him.

Sam knew he was allowed to go first because Dean wanted to salt the windows and doors and place warding sigils around the room to protect his helpless Omega.

Once Sam was out of the shower after he may or may not have used all the hot water, Dean was in the bathroom like a shot. No teasing or small talk about the job. No, he rushed past Sam as though the answer to the meaning of life was in the little room.

Instead of dressing, Sam sat on the bed closest to the bathroom because he was tired. It was as though all his energy had washed down the drain with the dirt. He was still sitting there when Dean emerged from setting a record for the worlds shortest shower.

He waited for him to bitch about the lack of hot water, but he said nothing. He was mad at Dean, but he couldn’t stand this silence between them, so Sam instigated the conversation.

“You’re not going to say anything about the baby?” He asked. When Dean didn’t respond, Sam continued “Of course not, you being an Alpha and couldn’t scent what some newly turned Beta could after five minutes in the room with me.”

Suddenly he had a face full of Dean, “I knew you were pregnant, but I was waiting for my Omega to tell me. I guess that would have been too much to ask seeing as you’re punishing me.”

“You turned me against my will, of course, I’m punishing you!” Sam shouted. Or at least he tried to. From where he sat on the bed Dean was towering over him making him want to bare his neck in submission.

“You’re punishing yourself as well,” Dean murmured.

He was a fucking Alpha damn it. Fighting his need to submit, Sam stood up to face Dean because despite him being an Omega, he was still taller than his brother. He stood up to use that height to remind Dean of who he was, and that wasn’t some simpering Omega wanting to hang off his knot.

The problem was he did; he wanted it so much he was gagging with need and judging by the pheromones Dean was emitting, he wanted to as well. Dean wanted enough that the height didn’t matter he stood on his toes, placed his hands behind Sam’s neck and pulled his head down and ravaged the pretty pink lips.

It seemed as that all his life Sam wanted to know how Dean’s plump lips felt and now that he knew the feeling surpassed any fantasy he’d ever had. When Dean slid his tongue along the seam of Sam’s lips, he gasped in surprise and allowed him in, and the sensations got better from there.

As Dean deepened the kiss, Sam felt arousal in a way that he never did as an Alpha. His dick became hard and leaking and was still sensitive even though he no longer had a knot, but what he didn’t expect was the way his hole reacted.

He could feel the slick as it dripped from his hole as it throbbed with the need to be filled and as his arousal spiked so did the sensitivity. As though reading his mind, Dean reached around and slid his finger through the slick and teased the muscle almost making Sam come just from being fingered.

As Dean played with his hole all thoughts of why he was angry with his brother slipped his mind. Right now, all he could think of was they were almost killed, and someone granted them another reprieve, and he wanted to celebrate another day of living with Dean buried deep inside him.

Dean’s tore his lips from Sam’s and the younger Winchester blindly sought to get them back, but when he felt them moving to that magical place behind his ear, he stopped protesting and bent his neck to give Dean better access.

“Good Sam?” Dean asked, and he kissed lower to the spot where he’d marked Sam and gently bit. As he bit the mark, Dean’s finger slid inside, and Sam squeezed his eyes shut against the burn. “You’re tight,” Dean murmured, “but we’ll get you ready.”

Sam wasn’t so sure about that but then Dean crooked his finger and brushed it over Sam’s prostate, and Sam was back on board. His knees buckled at the pleasure that shot through his body.

“Fuck me, Dean,” He begged, “’m ready.”

“No, you’re not,” Dean demanded as he slipped a second finger inside Sam. “But you will be soon.”

Sam agreed, but then the fingers were gone, and he felt empty, opening his eyes he looked down at Dean to protest, but Dean pointed at the bed and said, “need you ass up while I finish prepping you. Your legs are about to give out, and I don’t want to fuck you on the floor.”

Soon he was on the bed ass up waiting for Dean to continue, but the bastard was staring.

“If that’s all you’re going to do then I’ll finish this myself,” Sam told him as he reached behind to slide a finger inside himself.

“As hot as that is, that’s not what I want right now,” Dean husked. He dropped is a towel and crawled onto the bed between Sam’s legs and used three fingers to loosen Sam for his cock.

The pleasure Dean stirred had Sam moaning like the star of those cheap porn videos Dean often watched. However, Suddenly the fingers were gone, and Dean was kissing his lower back.

“Roll over for me,” Dean asked in the same husky voice, and Sam froze. He couldn’t.

Even when he indulged in one night stands he faced his partner for the night, but he couldn’t do that with Dean, at least not tonight. Staring at Dean as he was being fucked, was too intimate and more than Sam could bear.

Being mated was supposed to create a bond, but what but what if they still didn’t have one? Sam was still angry that he had been turned against his will but what if he saw the same hatred and anger in Dean’s eyes. What if Dean was resigned to be with an Omega he’d turned when he wasn’t in control of himself and hated that he’d been saddled with Sam. He didn’t even mention that he knew Sam was pregnant.

Instead of making a big deal about it Sam pushed his ass back and insisted, “No Dean, like this, wanna make sure it doesn’t hurt.” The ‘like the last time’ was left unsaid.

Dean hesitated for a moment, and Sam thought that he was going to argue, but he lined up to Sam’s hole before he began to push inside making them both moan.

The adrenaline running through Sam was mirrored in Dean allowing Sam to know that Dean wanted to move but he was allowing Sam’s body to adjust. He was grateful for the thoughtfulness, but it answered the question about him being demonic; there was no way that a demon would care about his comfort or pleasure. He sure as hell didn’t when he took him the first time.

“Move,” Sam demanded unable to wait any longer.

God, it felt so fucking good. If Dean had been this tender and loving in that room, he would have been begging for him to claim him.

As Dean drove deeper inside him, Sam’s wolf came took over and instead of analyzing each movement Dean made or his reaction to it, he began to fuck Dean back. He met the Alpha thrust for thrust until Dean’s knot began to swell and tied them.

When the knot pressed on Sam’s prostate, his wolf howled his pleasure, and soon Sam was coming all over the threadbare sheets.

Now that he’s come, Dean began to chase his orgasm as Sam’s spasming channel gripped him tight and milked his and he flooded Sam’s insides with come. Sam’s last thought before he passed out was that he’d never come so hard in his life.

They were back at the bunker, and although they still fucked, Sam didn’t let Dean touch him afterwards. Dean had gone out of his way to make up for, or rather try to make up for what he’d done, but Sam was having none of it.

He remembered the night after the first time, once Sam woke, he reverted back to business only, and it hurt worse than the first time. Dean couldn't get his mate to run with him. They hunted and kicked a shit ton of supernatural ass, but afterwards, they might have been strangers.

He was beginning to think that Sam didn’t care, well he didn’t until Sam saw his profile on his dating app. Instead of being jealous or even pretending to care, Sam just talked about how instead of a beautiful girl named Shaylene, his date would be some burly trucker named Bruce.

He wouldn’t do anything but talk to the girl about Sam, but it would have been a huge ego boost had Sam cared. In the end, Shaylene was a beautiful girl; it was just she wanted Dean to sell his soul for sex. Maybe a good hamburger, but sex? Nah.

Dean should have known swiping right was too easy, and during the course of him finding someone to talk to, Cole popped up and let a witch more powerful than any they’d ever encountered before escaping. He was one more person Dean had to apologize to from the pain he’d caused when he’d been a demon and because he didn’t think Sam cared, Dean had been willing to let the troubled young man kill him.

The offer had been worth it just to get a response from Sam.

He didn’t say anything, but Dean could smell the fear and love rolling off him when he offered his life to Cole. Cole didn’t kill him, and he found out that Sam still cared, so it was a win - win in the end. The red-headed witch escaped, but she was too powerful for them not to cross paths again.

To escape Sam’s silence, now it was Dean who ran alone, sometimes spending the night in the woods surrounding the bunker. He didn’t dare spend more than one night outside because he was scared that Sam would try to take on a hunt on his own because he still felt he had something to prove.

He gasped aloud when he walked into the kitchen; there stood Sam shirtless with a visible baby bump, and Dean’s fingers itched to touch it.

“I didn’t expect you back this early,” Sam muttered before running from the room.

Normally Dean would give Sam his space, wait for him to share the pregnancy with him, but at the rate, Sam was progressing the pup would be here before Sam told Dean anything. Instead of getting the cup of coffee he was jonesing for, Dean followed Sam into his room.

Knocking on the door, Dean opened it before Sam had the chance to tell him not to come in, “I want to touch, but I know that you won’t let me, but I had to see you, Sam.”

“You come to take something else that I’m not willing to give?” Sam snapped as he reached for a shirt to cover himself. “Leave Dean, this is my space, and I don’t want you here.”

“I’ve apologized a million times a million different ways. You know had I not been a demon this would never have happened.”

“Oh, I forgot, you’re still using the ‘I was a demon defense,'” Sam sneered.

Suddenly it was too much; he’d been taking shit from Sam for something he had no control over. He understood that what he did was painful and was not something they could undo, but there was nothing in the lore to fix what he’d done. Dean knew that because he’d searched.

While everyone else was searching for ways to remove the MoC, Dean had been researching ways to reverse a claim, and there was nothing. As much as he wanted Sam, he didn’t want him this way because he might as well be dead to his mate.

“It’s the only defense I have Sam, had I not been a demon I’d have gone on the way I had in the past, wanting what I couldn’t have. I just wanted to see the baby growing, how you’ve changed. Hell, I don’t even know if you’ve been to the doctor.” When Sam remained silent, Dean continued, “I know that it’s not that often, but I don’t even know if it’s safe for us to have sex.”

“Oh, so that’s what this is about,” Sam huffed. “I like to keep my room clean, but I believe that the electrical closet is free.”

The words landed like a blow and expelled the air from Dean’s lungs. It would have been less painful had Sam shot him. It was too late to stop Sam from seeing the tear that fell, but he ran from the room before he embarrassed himself any further. Picking up a cup a bottle of whiskey before retreating to his room, Dean settled in to drink away the pain.

The next few days they tiptoed around one another until they found another case. It seemed that they were on track for déjà vu again, there had been Cole, then some weird play based on the Supernatural Books, then a case involving both their friend Sheriff Jodie Mills and Sheriff Donna Hanscum from a case a few years back. There had even been a follow up case from their surrogate father, Bobby Singer.

Just when things seemed to get back to finding Cain and removing the Mark from his arm, Dean felt blindsided when the next case was dropped in their laps, or rather Cas dropped a case in their laps. Just like everything else they’d been working on, this was a revisit as well. This one involved Claire Novak, Cas’ vessels daughter; it was par for the course. Dean was happy to work the cases because after each one was solved, Sam needed his life affirming sex and Dean were on board with that, and besides, this way Dean was allowed to touch Sam’s baby bump.

Unlike the other cases, this was harder because it was hard on Cas, especially when Claire was in trouble and trusted the wrong people. She’d even tried to get Dean killed, and Dean thought that maybe he deserved to be killed.

In the past, Dean had let himself believe that he was doing enough good to outweigh the bad, but fuck if he could find any good in what he was doing now. He’d hurt Sam so badly and killed the only person Claire trusted.

Yeah, it was the Mark, but Dean wrestled with the idea that perhaps he could have injured the man and not killed him, but that was like playing Monday morning quarterback.

One good thing came out of the attack, in bought Sam a little closer and after they had made love (fucking was what he’d done with everyone else) Sam didn’t rush to the bathroom to wash away the evidence that they’d been together,

He slept in Dean’s arms, and for the first time in months, Dean and his wolf had a good night’s sleep.

The next morning wasn’t as awkward as Dean thought it would be, it wasn’t awkward at all because Sam woke him with a kiss. As good as the gesture made Dean feel, it might as well had been a blowjob. He kept waiting for Sam to put up the barrier that was between them but it never came, and Dean grinned like an idiot on the drive back to the bunker.

The peace didn’t last, Sam had to replace a fuse in the electrical room, and the wall came back up, and Dean was sure that Sam heard his heart break at the withdrawal. If they didn’t need that room, Dean would seal it off permanently.

After that the past still came at them with a vengeance giving Dean the do over of all do overs, reverting him back to his awkward fourteen-year-old self because of a witch’s curse,

He hated fucking witches, spitting out phlegm and hatred along with their nasty curses.

When they made it back to the bunker, Sam surprised him by offering to cook, and Dean was over the moon. His mate’s Omega instincts were kicking in, and Dean loved it. While he’d been fourteen, again, the MoC was gone, and Dean offered to stay that age to keep the Mark from coming back.
Even though he tried not to show it, Sam was relieved when the curse was reversed.

So while Sam prepared dinner, Dean continued his research for a way to remove the Mark and try to win his mate, but there was nothing. How could God Mark Cain without giving him a chance to redeem himself? Of course, this was the same God who was going to let the angels destroy the world because it was predestined.

God might not love his family but Dean Winchester loved his, and he was going to remove the Mark if it killed him. Sam needed to see something good in him, and so far, Dean was batting zero. Dean was at a loss as to where to find the next clue, so he and Sam just kept working cases in between their research.

As they prepared to leave for their next hunt, Dean looked at Sam and was pleased with what he saw. Now there was no way to hide the growing mound that was their baby, and Dean wanted to demand that Sam stay behind, but he couldn’t.

Sam wasn't taking unnecessary chances and the research he’d done before the fieldwork was so precise most of the jobs were a cakewalk, and hopefully this one would be too.

Sam was ready to hit the road. They had go bags at the ready, so there was nothing keeping them from leaving except Dean. Sam suspected that he was dawdling because he wanted to leave Sam behind, but there was no way that was happening unless Dean demanded that he stay.

Dean had never used his alpha voice on him, but he was sure that would happen any day, and Sam wasn't sure how to handle the order when it came. Like most Omegas, Sam wanted to curl up and rest and enjoy his pregnancy, but he couldn't do that until that Mark was gone from Dean’s arm.

Before they could hit the road, Castiel showed up with news about the father of murder, Cain, the original Knight of Hell who’d given Dean the MOC without including an instruction manual. Sam was still mad about Dean trusting a Knight of Hell, and it’s fucking king, Crowley, so Dean had to handle this development carefully.

Cain was dropping a trail of bodies, and they discovered that they were his descendants and he wanted to end his line to stop the evil that has passed for generations. The problem was the last in the line was a kid, and there was no way Sam was going to let that happen.

He cringed and placed a protective hand on his stomach when Dean suggested that they use a twelve-year old kid as bait. He knew there was a reason he wasn’t letting Dean share this pregnancy. He wasn’t sure that the demon wasn't completely gone and now he was going to have to trust Dean to keep his humanity when Crowley placed the first blade back into his hands.

“It won’t be the actual kid, Sam. Cas can project the kid's image, kind of like a specter,” Dean explained. “You must have an extremely low image of me if you thought that I was going to place the life of a kid in the hands of that murdering bastard.”

“I.” Sam stopped because that was what he thought and he had no defense other than he was a dick.

“C’mon Cas,” Dean said as he shot Sam a murderous look, “let's you and I go to the archive and see what we can come up with before Sam thinks that I want to rip the baby from his womb.”

Sam was embarrassed because that was what he was thinking. He wasn’t sure of this Dean, and he needed to keep the baby safe.

While he and Castiel made plans to trap and kill Cain, Dean was quiet, and that should have worried Sam, but he was too busy making plans. When the pair entered the war room an hour later, Dean’s frustration was evident in questions he was asking and the increased amount of alcohol he was drinking.

“What if this doesn’t work?” Dean asked, “what if I kill him and I still have the Mark? We have a baby on the way, and Sam’s not the only one who doesn’t trust me around my kid with this thing on my arm.”

“We’ll find a way to remove the mark Dean,” Cas promised. “it’s just going to take longer than we thought. Sam and I thought that turning you Omega would ease the lust for killing, and I still think that is a viable option, but Sam needs his mate.”

“Wait,” Dean shook his head in disbelief, “Sam was planning to claim me?”

“Yes, he was” the angel confirmed as he cocked his head to the side and stared at Dean, looking for all the world like a puppy confused by his master’s command. “I supposed that it would be fitting since the Winchesters are hunting royalty.”

“You mean all this time while he was guilting me for changing him while I wasn’t myself, he was planning to do the same, except he didn’t have the excuse of being a demon,” Dean asked Cas while staring at Sam.

Sam didn’t answer, but he knew that the heat in his cheeks gave him away.

“So all the self-righteousness was just and act, you’re mad at me because I beat you to the punch, huh Sam,” Dean snarled. “Don’t pretend that you were doing it to save me from the Mark; this is something you’ve wanted to do for years.”

The comment startled Sam, yes he’d wanted Dean for years, but he wasn’t aware that Dean knew. He had prided himself that he kept his epic crush for his brother under wraps when it was Dean who’d kept the bigger secret.

Okay so his secret wasn’t a secret, but that doesn't let Dean off the hook. He still turned Sam against his will. Even though Sam had wanted Dean like crazy, he didn’t torment Dean when he’d had the chance, and there had been many over the years.

“I have never turned on you, Dean,” Sam reminded his brother. “I had had times when I could have when I wasn’t myself, but I didn’t, but the first chance you get you claimed and marked me.”

Dean marched across the room and pushed a finger on Sam’s chest, “You think that you never betrayed me, Sam?” Stormy green eyes stared at him as Dean continued, “Did you forget about Ruby? I mean everyone you met told you that she wasn’t to be trusted, but you did. You trusted her more than you trusted me and you were prepared to kill me for her. But I guess drinking demon blood will do that to you.”

Sam felt gutted by Dean’s statement, before he could get over that blow Dean continued, “Were you planning to turn me Omega so that you could drink my demon blood?”

“I apologized for Ruby, and you said that we were okay. Ruby was a dark time, but I had no soul, but I still didn’t touch you,” Sam reminded his mate.

“No, you were too busy selling me out to vampires, watching as they turned me,” Sam was hurt by the grimace on Dean’s face as he remembered the hurt when he realized that Sam had allowed him to be turned. “But hey, it was for the good of the case, so that didn’t matter if I died because you had Samuel and the rest of the Campbells to hunt with.”

“But I knew that Samuel had a cure,” Sam defended his actions even though he knew that he wasn’t in control at the time. “Soul or not, I knew that I had to have you near me. Why lease do you think I came to get you.”

“To ruin my life. You’re always telling me I’m reckless, that I need to think things through, but you trusted me enough to not drink from a human and risk the change being permanent.”

“I.” Sam wasn’t sure what to say. The past few months he’d been damning Dean for what he did when he’d turned, but Sam had done his share of fucking up, and Dean never thought twice about giving up on him.

He’d even tried to kill Bobby to keep from getting his soul back, and he’s not sure if Dean would have forgiven him. Others might not agree, but for Sam causing a death was a lot worse than a sexual assault.

Even though he wasn’t in control of the claiming, Dean still has gone out of his way to apologize, to try to make things better between them. He’d always done that even when Sam pushed back. Which was always. No, he wasn’t happy being Omega, but he still gets Dean, so that’s win, right?

In his mind, Sam knew that Dean wasn’t responsible for what happened to him, but the demon who was, wore Dean’s face and that made it hard for him to forgive or forget, but when Dean was buried deep inside him, it gave him a temporary reprieve.

Right now, the hurt and anger for transgressions both old and new warred for position on Dean’s face, and it hurt Sam to know that he was responsible for them both. When he put all the bullshit aside and forget about who did what and why everything became clear, Sam loved Dean.

He was an Omega, and that wasn’t going to change, and the kid playing soccer with his bladder cemented the fact. So instead of hurling another accusation at Dean, Sam said, “I love you, Dean.”

Sam smiled as he watched the four simple words take the sails out of Dean’s anger.

Clearing his throat, Dean repeated the words, “I love you too, Sam.”

Before Sam could respond, Dean was across the room and swallowing any response Sam was going to give.

“It’s good to see that you have made up,” Cas said from his position by the doorway. “Perhaps now we can work on ways to remove the MoC.”

“The only thing I’m working on right now is Sam’s belt, and if you’re not gone in five minutes, then you’re going to watch me as I fuck my mate over the table,” Dean warned the angel.

They didn’t hear him leave, it was a flutter of wings and then silence, but Castiel wasn’t what Sam was thinking. Dean’s large hand stroking Sam’s cock had robbed the Omega of the ability to think of anything beyond the pleasure the movement elicited.

“Want you in my bed, Sammy,” Dean whispered in that whiskey roughened voice that Sam loved, and the sound of it robbed him of speech leaving him with only the ability to nod his agreement.

Sam wanted that too, this time there would be no thing between them, it was a clean slate, and when Dean’s cock tied them together, Sam stopped fighting and let his Alpha and his Omega take over.

The next few days were like a honeymoon. The pair couldn’t stop touching or looking at one another, and when Sam allowed Dean to feel the baby kick, his heart swelled with so much pride he was surprised that his chest was able to hold the organ.

They were still searching for a way to remove the MOC from Dean’s arm, but they would find the answer together and protect their family at the same time.

Sam and Dean watched as their pup skittered to a stop just inside the door of the bunker. It had snowed heavily during the night, and everything had been covered in a blanket of white leaving the pup frozen in awe.

He stuck his nose in the foreign substance and shook at the coldness and to get the excess out of his fur. He turned to look at his parents, and Dean loved that quizzical look that said ‘what is this?’ Well, he loved it, but it was second only to thinking how cute he looked with the snow covering his dark muzzle.

After checking to see that Sam was okay because this pregnancy seemed to be harder on his mate, Dean loped to Bobby’s side and gently nudged him out of the door.

The pup was tentative at first, but he soon learned that snow was fun and chased his Alpha around the yard. Sam joined them for a few minutes, but a concerned look from Dean had him sitting on the sidelines. Dean kept the kid so busy that he almost didn’t notice Sam’s lack of participation.

Later that evening when they put their tired pup to bed, Dean smiled and hummed his favorite Zeppelin tune until Bobby fell asleep. The song was a lullaby for their kid and a love song for Sam. He took Sam’s hand as they walked back to their bedroom and realized that even though a lot of evil things have tried to take it, this man next to him owned his soul.

He was still proud of them, and now Sam was too.

The End

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