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As he once again sat outside the room, Sam lost count of the shots that he’d given Dean during the night. Each time he gave Dean a shot and had to listen to the howl of the pain of frustration he prayed that it would be the final shot.

He was taking more blood than Crowley had and Sam was sure that was because of the MOC, but whatever it was, it was draining Sam, and he was tired. Tired of everything. There was a time when he believed that everyone deserved a chance and rejected Dean’s because they’re evil and they need killing outlook.

During the months he searched for his brother, he subscribed to that school of thought and did things that made him cringe. The things he’d done while searching for his brother including tricking that poor bastard and getting him to sell his soul was on top of the list.

It was part of the reason Sam didn’t trust his blood to help Dean because his soul had to be black, or at least a very dark gray to do something like that. As the alarm signaling that it was time for the next shot sounded, Sam decided that he would spend the next hour in his bed sleeping.

Of course, he didn’t make it to his room because he couldn’t walk past Dean’s. During the time Dean was gone, Sam’s only focus was catching Dean’s scent, but tonight it was different. He took in the way Dean had decorated and somehow, he had missed a half-eaten slice of cherry pie.

Shaking his head, Sam removed the food and discovered pictures from their lives. His favorite was one of the two of them that was taken when Sam had just left Stanford, and a close second was one of their parents. As he looked at their lives and all that had been lost, he prayed that blood worked, and Dean was cured.

The time spent reminiscing meant that there was no sleep for Sam and he’s not sure that he would have slept anyway. His mind would have been on Dean sitting chained in the room. Alone.

When it was time for the next shot, Sam walked into the room, and it was empty, somehow Dean had escaped.

Dean smiled as he crept through the halls of the bunker. Sam had thought that he was curing him, and he was, but he hadn’t counted on the cure curing him but leaving enough of the demon in him to still want to rip Sam’s fucking neck out.

And he would enjoy it.

Sam discovered that he was gone earlier than Dean wanted him too, but he still had the drop because he’s escaped before Sam could give him another shot. Dean was happy about that because another shot would have cured him and Dean wouldn’t have gotten his revenge, and that would be tragic.

He now had to figure out where Sam was in the bunker, and he received his answer when the overhead lights went out, and the exits were marked by flashing red emergency beacons.

Free for the first time since Sam bought him back to the bunker, Dean decides to move towards the electrical room since he knows that Sam was just there.

“That’s a smart move, Sammy,” Dean complimented his brother. “Locking the place down, it’s what I would have done to keep me from leaving, but I don’t want to leave. At least not until I’m done with you.”

As he talked, Dean moved forward to find his prey, but he stopped to search for the keys to the room in case Sam has it locked. He was not going to leave until he killed his brother, but he wanted to see him die because that would make it more enjoyable.

As he walked he heard a clatter, with that bad arm it was most likely Sam dropped something, but it let Dean know that he was moving in the right direction.
Once he reached his destination, Sam wasn’t in sight, so Dean carefully opened the door check if Sam was inside. The room was dark, and he couldn’t see, so he stepped inside, switched on the light and grinned as Sam closed and locked the door.

As his brother begged him to let him continue the treatments, Dean didn’t answer; he just searched the room for something to get him out of the room and bash Sam’s skull and watch as the light dimmed in those pretty eyes.

In the middle of the room was a table about waist high filled with tools, bearings of some kind and an open can of white grease lubricant. As Dean glanced around the room, he noticed that the tools he needed to exact his revenge were in the room and his sweet little Sammy lead him right to them.

Dipping his finger in the grease, Dean smelled for a trace of chemicals, and found none, next he grabbed a hammer and swiped his arm across the table until all that was left was a few tools and the tub of grease.

Looking at his handiwork, Dean smiled. An image of Sam bent over it taking him deep popped into his head and played over and over as though stuck in a loop, so he changed his plan. Instead of killing him Dean would do to Sam what he did to Cole, humiliate him. Nothing would be more humiliating than to turn the proud Alpha into his bitch Omega and fill him with pups as an extra fuck you.

was so hard as he walked to the door that he had to stop and adjust himself before he tried the handle again. Sam was still prattling on about curing him, so Dean began to smash through the door with a hammer to get free and to shut him up.

Stepping through the smashed door, Sam was there waiving Ruby’s knife at him, but Dean sidestepped it with little effort.

“Surely this wasn’t your big plan, Sammy, ‘cause I gotta tell you if it is then I’ve given you more credit over the years than you deserve.”

There was going to be drinks bought for the demon who winged Sam because being down one arm made it easy to overpower the big man. With his arm in the sling, when Sam tried to plunge the knife into Dean’s shoulder, the older Winchester easily side stepped and avoided being stabbed, but the momentum threw Sam off balance. Dean then grabbed Sam's hand and bent it to the point of breaking until he dropped the knife and shoved his bad arm against the wall making Sam cry out in pain.

“Dean,” Sam grunted, “You don’t have to do this.”

“Why not when it’s going to be so much fun?” Dean snarked as he rotated Sam’s body until he was facing the wall. “I’ll bet right now you wish that you had taken the time to shift and let your arm heal, but I thank you for being too impatient because it made this easier for me.”

Knowing that the pain was going to keep Sam still for a little while, Dean took the time to frisk Sam. He wanted to make sure that he wasn’t carrying any more weapons and he wanted to retrieve the demon killing knife.

It was nice feeling Sam’s body, and because of the way that big body was tightening up trying not to respond to the feel of his hands, Dean made sure not to miss anything. Despite the pain in was in, Sam’s dick didn’t seem to care because as Dean searched for weapons, the only one he found was Sam’s cock.

To get even for the bacon and eggs, Dean gave the monster cock a stroke through its denim covering, and at Sam’s moan, he unzipped them and slipped his hand inside and began stroking. When he felt Sam’s body tightening this time, he knew he was about to come, and that wasn’t going to happen until he was inside Sam.
Tugging on Sam’s arm, to pull him into the room, “Move!” Dean ordered.

“No,” Sam refused. “If you’re going to kill me it, you can do it here.”

God, he forgot how fucking stubborn Sam could be when he convinced himself self of something, but this time he was wrong. A few hours ago he would have been correct, but he didn’t think the knowledge that Dean was planning to turn him into an Omega was going to go over any easier.

“Move, Sam,” Dean demanded.

When his brother just stood there, Dean decided to make him move, so he took the knife and plunged it into Sam’s already injured shoulder. The attack was unexpected and painful, and Sam screamed from the pain.

As he pulled the knife from Sam’s shoulder, he could see ripples underneath the clothes as Sam’s wolf was coming forward to protect him, and Dean couldn’t have that.

“If you shift, I’ll rip your fucking throat out,” Dean promised.

Snarling, Sam stopped mid shift and turned towards the room as Dean wanted.

“Dean, don’t,” Sam pleaded.

“You’ll shift when I’m ready for you to shift, now move.”

Dean followed his brother into the room and guided him to the table. Sam’s shirt was soaked with blood, and Dean noticed that his face was almost white from the pain. Once he had completed the claim, he’d let Sam shift and heal, but not before.

Once they reached the table, Dean bent Sam over the table, and even though he was weak from the pain, Sam tried to fight, but each time he did, Dean pressed a finger into the wound and reveled at the howl of pain.

“Don’t pass out Sam,” Dean chuckled, “You don’t have to enjoy this, hell I don’t expect you to, but I want you to be aware of what I’m about to do to you.”

Pushing Sam down face first, Dean used the knife to cut away Sam’s jeans and underwear leaving him exposed and vulnerable.

“Dean no, please don’t,” Sam begged weakly.

That’s what Dean wanted to hear, the sound of his brother begging and pleading. It was making him so hard he was leaking, but he had to make this quick because he didn’t want Sam to recover and begin to fight back.

Reaching to his right, Dean pulled the grease can closer and dipped and finger inside to coat it before running it down the crease of Sam’s cheeks, stopping at that pink hole. He would punish Sam by not stretching him, but there’s no way he’s getting inside there otherwise.

Slipping a finger inside, he softly laughed at Sam’s feeble attempt to fight against the intrusion and his already tight channel tightened around Dean’s finger, “Let me in Sam,” Dean demanded. “I’m trying to be nice, but if you fight I’ll fight back.”

Gradually Sam relaxed, and when Dean added another finger and began to scissor them, he heard Sam crying. “Aw, why so sad Sam? Isn't this what you had planned for me? I’m sure you would have come up with some story about it being for the greater good, and old Dean would have bought it, but lean, mean Dean knows that’s just a bunch of bullshit.”

“Dean, please, I’m…” Sam sobbed, but the rest of his sentence was cut short by a moan when Dean stroked that little bundle of nerves that made up his prostate.

“That bought little Sammy back to life,” Dean said as he reached underneath Sam and stroked him. “Maybe not so little Sammy, but that’ll change.”

With his cock pressing behind his jeans, Dean couldn’t wait any longer, so he unzipped his jeans, and coated his cock and added more grease to Sam’s hole. Closing his eyes at the realization that he was about to get something he’d wanted his entire life, Dean lined up to the tight muscle and pushed.

Despite his desire to rush, Dean took his time and eased inside until his balls were slapping against Sammy’s ass.

One he was seated Sam began to thrash and try to buck him off, and Dean reached up and pressed into the wound again. The pain made Sam tense, causing him to squeeze Dean’s cock so tight that it bordered on painful.

Once the tension left Sam’s body, Dean began to move slowly to let Sam get used to the intrusion. He wanted participation, and Sam might as well have been a wet dishrag. To coax his involvement, Dean reached around and began to stroke Sam’s dick and leaned forward and taunt him.

“I feel you getting hard for me Sammy,” Dean whispered in Sam's ear as he stroked.

Sam was fighting what he was feeling, and when Dean hit his prostate, he made sure he hit it with each stroke. When Sam didn’t respond verbally, Dean scraped his teeth over the juncture of Sam’s shoulder and neck.

“Feels good doesn't it Sammy? The next time you start something, make sure it’s finished, you took away just enough demon to escape your trap, and I just waltzed over that sigil. Now you didn’t finish, but I’m going to finish.”

With each stroke, Dean felt his knot began to catch on Sam’s rim until they were stuck. Dean kept up his assault on Sam’s prostate until he felt Sam’s balls tighten hard enough to milk Dean’s orgasm from him.

“What's the matter, Sammy,” Dean sneered, “didn’t expect this huh? Spent all those years dreaming about me taking your knot, you don’t look so smug now that it’s you taking my knot.”

Once his come sprayed Sam’s inside, Dean bit down on that tender flesh, claiming Sam as his own.

He’s not sure how long they were tied, but it didn’t matter because Sam was now his. His Omega.

Once his knot deflated, Dean pulled out and watched with a smile as his cum leaked from Sam’s now gaping hole.

“God, Sammy, I wish you could see yourself, pretty little hole all fucked out and leaking my seed. Now that I’ve paid you back, I’m gonna let you marinate and complete the change while I find Crowley and settle up with him.”

He didn’t get a chance to make good on his promise because he felt a touch on his head and he was out like a light.

Sam let out a huff of air as Dean’s body slumped forward. What happened? Did his brother die? If he were honest, that would suit Sam just fine.

“Sam, are you alright?” He heard Castiel ask.

“Yeah,” Sam whispered because he was embarrassed about what just happened and that Castiel had witnessed how Dean had used him.

“He’s going to be out for some time; I’ll finish the ritual while you clean up.”

He waited until Castiel was gone before he stood up to walk to the sink in the corner. With each step, his pain and Dean’s seed leaking form him made him aware of his humiliation. Castiel was going to complete Dean’s transformation, but Sam wanted to be there. He wasn’t presenting yet, so Sam wasn’t going to act like an emotional Omega just because he’d been fucked.

Once Castiel had taken Dean away Sam forced himself not to chase after them as was his knee jerk reaction. He wanted to do a lot of things, chase after Dean, beat the shit out of him and let his brother fuck him again until he came so hard they both saw stars.
Yeah, he wanted to do that, but the reality was all he could do was sit on the floor of the electrical room and let the reality of what happened to sink in. Dean had bested him, abused him; he’d fucking fucked him and claimed him, and there was nothing Sam could do about it.

He was splashing water on his face when the pains began to hit him. At first, they weren’t bad because they were warring with the pain Dean had inflected, but then his body temperature spiked, it went from the normal ninety-eight degrees to ninety-eight thousand degrees.

The water wasn’t helping cool his body as the changes of becoming an Omega ravaged his body. He hoped that Dean’s seed wouldn’t take in his womb but when was the last time anything ever went his way?

Sam had planned everything, how to remove the demon, how to claim Dean and convince him that it was for the best. He’d planned everything but Dean being able to get free from the cuffs and still be a demon, and now he belonged to Dean. His life without Dean had been horrible, but belonging to him while he was still a demon was going to make his life hellish.

“I’m so sorry baby,” Sam apologized to a pup he wasn’t sure existed, “but I’ll try my best to protect you.” John Winchester would be father of the year compared to the type of father he imagined Dean being, so now it was going to be his time to disappear because there was no way he was going to let Dean near this child.

He had to get through the night first.

As the sweat poured from his body, Sam decided to go to his room where he could ride out the worst of the pain. When he stood up, his legs gave out, and he fell to the floor as pain shot through his body.

Part of the pain was hearing his wolf howl as the soul and spirit of his Alpha was ripped from his body, the rest was all physical. His body began to realign itself, making him think that he was going to shift, but as he held up a trembling hand, he watched in horror at the bones in his hands became thinner. Where his fingers once were thick and meaty before they were now slender and delicate and fragile.

He didn’t have time to dwell on his hands because his body began to react as though he was shifting, but this wasn’t a shift. The movement of his bones and muscle was his body changing, bones becoming less dense and muscles shrinking. Even his feet changed, and like his hands they were thinner and delicate, making his clothes too big for his new body.

Once his muscles and bones changed, the real pain began, because now his stomach and his genitals were on fire. In a moment of clarity, he suspected that his body was growing his new womb and ovaries. Reaching between his legs to feel his cock, and he began to cry when he felt the loose skin where his knot had once been.

He didn’t even attempt to feel his balls because he knew they had shrunk as well, but he did feel something wet. Bringing his hand into view, he saw the blood.

He didn’t need to question the source for that either, he knew that was his birth canal was forming, making the transformation complete. He tried to shift and make this transformation easier, but because his wolf was changing as well, he couldn’t shift and had no choice but to endure the pain.

In an attempt to make it back to his room to take in all of the changes and take something for the pain, Sam stood up to fast, became nauseous and threw up into the sink which made him light headed causing him to faint.
Chapter 7A


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