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Title: Afraid of the fall
Artist: [ profile] emmatheslayer
Author: [ profile] cillab42
Other Pairing: Christian/Chad
Rating: NC17
Warnings/Spoilers: dub-con prostitution, physical violence

Summary: Jared's best friend Chad ran into trouble with one of the local crime bosses so Jared offered himself as payment.


Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, Jared teased, “If I’d have known what time you were coming home, then I would have accommodated your wish.”

Once the sleep cleared from his head, Jared realized what he said to Jensen and began to blush with shame. He wished that he could stop blushing around the man because it made him feel like a little kid. Jensen already felt the need to dress him, maybe he did feel Jared was a child, but he hoped Jensen didn't stare at children the way he was staring at him right now.

Jared stood and mirrored Jensen and began to strip. They stared into one another’s eyes, neither wanting to break the connection. Once he was naked Jared climbed onto the bed and never breaking eye contact with Jensen, Jared slowly began stroking his cock, watching as Jensen stalked towards the bed to join him.

“You’re going to learn that it’s my job to touch your cock,” Jensen told him as he smacked his hands away from his dick and ran his finger past Jared’s ball and stopped at his hole. “If you wanted to be ready for me then you should have fingered yourself open.”
Shifting his hips forward, Jared smiled and whispered, “I can still do that.”

Jared reached under the pillow and retrieved the bottle of astroglide Jensen had placed there last night, or rather early this morning. Placing a pillow under his lower back, Jared spread his legs liberally coated his fingers and stared at Jensen as he eased one finger inside.

He attempted to remain as detached as Jensen, but when he added a second finger, and he grazed his prostate, he let out a loud moan and closed his eyes as the pleasure washed over his body. He tried to focus on the fact that Jensen was watching him, but there was no way he could focus on both, so he concentrated on fucking himself on his fingers.

It was Jensen who moaned when Jared added a third finger.

“Please tell me you’re ready for me, Jared.” Jensen pleaded. “I’m not going to last much longer If you keep that up.”

“Can’t have that,” Jared teased as pulled the fingers out of his body and spread his legs wider in a welcoming pose.

Jensen crawled into the space Jared provided for him and hissed when their cocks made contact, and Jared was so close to coming that he had to wrap his had around the base before he ended things. Somehow Jensen had gotten a condom and placed it on his cock, but Jared was so busy trying to keep from coming that he missed Jensen putting it on. Soon Jensen was moving that hand and lining up at his entrance and pushed forward.

When he was fully seated, he leaned forward and kissed Jared slow and deep. If he weren't here to save his friends life, Jared would have sworn the kiss meant something. Jared was trying to treat this as a series of one night stands, but he couldn’t keep himself detached if Jensen kept doing this.

If Jensen had been the asshole Jared thought him to be then he wouldn’t be lying here begging for Jensen to fuck him. Be he was. Even as they kissed, he knew that it was to make him relaxed and let his body get used to the invasion.

Breaking off the kiss, Jared begged, “please move.” And oh, God when he did.

The drag of his cock left tendrils of pleasure that went from his hole to his spine, and went straight to Jared’s fucking heart.

Jared could feel himself getting closer to orgasm, so he reached between their bodies to end his torture, but Jensen grabbed his hands and pinned then above Jared’s hands, “Un uh, coming off my cock tonight, sweetheart.”

“I -please Jensen it won’t take much,” he pleaded. “Just let me…” He needed to come, and now the asshole wouldn’t let him.

“I know it won’t take much,” Jensen smiled as he looked down on Jared before he began to pound Jared’s ass, “I can feel you squeezing my dick, so I know that you can come Jared; you’re so close already. Come for me. Please.”

Squeezing his eyes closed, Jared obeyed the command and came so hard he almost blacked out. The orgasm Jensen wrung from his body was better than the first time. If Jensen’s performance improved, then he was going to die coming, but even with that knowledge Jared still wouldn’t give this up. Well in two weeks he’d have to, but he couldn’t hang around a known criminal just because the dick was good.

As his body worked through the aftershocks it clamped tight and tighter on Jensen’s dick and Jared watched and the man came undone on top of him. If this were going to be permanent, Jared would love to feel Jensen come inside him, take him raw, but that would never happen.
Jensen had houses full of whores, men and women to give him what he wanted; Jared was just dreaming about something that would never come to fruition.

“Worked up an appetite tonight,” Jensen teased as he came down from his orgasmic high, “Let’s order dinner.”

At first, he was going to let Jensen order something form one of the many menus’ he produced from his desk, but then Jared stepped up. He wanted to eat something simple and didn’t cost more than his rent.

“I had Misha pick up some things from the store,” Jared shrugged hoping Jensen would think that this didn’t mean as much as it did to him, “I thought that I would make dinner for us.”

“You want to cook for me?” Jensen asked shocked.

“Yes, it’s nothing fancy, just mashed potatoes, fried chicken and green beans.”

His menu was simple, noting like the Foie gras Jensen ate while Jared wolfed down a steak. He’d had to teach Jared the fancy word for duck liver, so he hoped he liked what he prepared.

Jensen shook his head in disbelief and began to help Jared prepare their dinner. Despite the high-end food he ate, he appreciated a good home-cooked meal, and this was one of his favorites. His grandmother used to cook fried chicken every Sunday, and the family would gather at her house after church for dinner.

That was before his mother discovered that he was gay and not only could she not pray it away, but he didn’t want her to try. He liked boys, the way they felt hard and unyielding. He didn’t have anything against girls; he just preferred boys and this one he was going to do his damnedest to keep.
“So what do you need me to do?”

That simple question earned him a smile that went right to Jensen’s heart, and that scared him a little, okay a lot, and nothing scared Jensen fucking Ackles. He was used to boys smiles making his dick hard but when did they start making his heart ache? The answer was simple, Jared.

Not wanted to delve into his feelings while frying chicken, Jensen rolled up the sleeves of his Versace shirt and began learning how to fry chicken. Once he left the outside world outside, he had fun. Sense memories came back as he peeled potatoes and cleaned green beans.

If Jared decided to stay, Jensen would treat him to a different version of this meal; his favorite French restaurant would serve haricot verts, and maybe purple fingerling potatoes and well, fried chicken but only as a trained chef could prepare.

“Pay attention, Jensen,” Jared chastised him. “The only flesh I want cooking is the chickens.”

Cooking with Jared was the most fun Jensen had had in a long time that didn’t involve violence. Smashing in the face of someone who’d double crossed you was fun, it was a different kind of fun, but it was fun, but unlike what he was experiencing with Jared.
Jared made him do something he thought that he’d forgotten, how to smile.

It was a genuine, I’m having fun smile, not I’m going to kill you and enjoy it smile. Both were enjoyable, but the former came with the promise of fucking Jared afterward making it much more enjoyable.

The chicken was delicious. Jensen couldn’t believe that he had helped prepare the dinner, and the sweet tea to wash it down was another of his favorite leftovers from Sunday dinners with grandma.

The rest of the week was the same, after taking care of business, he and Jared would cook dinner and lock themselves away for the rest of the night fucking. Nothing felt better than being buried balls deep inside Jared and each time he knew that there was no way he was going to let him go.

Sunday, Jensen did something he’d never done before, let Christian take care of his business with Misha along for backup. He spent the morning with Jared learning to make French toast of all things, and when he completed a batch, he gave Jared blow job in celebration.

As it turned out, Jared was sweeter than the maple syrup they used on the French toast.
“If that’s what I get for French toast, then when we cook the spaghetti and meatballs tonight, you get to play with mine.”

Jensen grinned and pulled the young man closer. As he parted his lips and invaded his mouth, he wondered if this was how love felt. His grandmother was the last time anyone openly showed him love, but it wasn’t the same as what he was feeling with Jared.

Nana Ackles made him feel warm and protected, but Jared? Jared made him feel as though he was ten feet tall and indestructible and God help anyone who tried to come between them and that included Jared.

The thought if losing the young man with the sweet cotton candy pink lips made him want him. Food forgotten, he ordered, “bedroom now!” When Jared ran to the bedroom unbuckling his pants along the way, Jensen smiled and followed suit.

Their coming together was rough Jensen attacked Jared’s mouth as though he was going to disappear any moment, but what turned him on was Jared was returning the kiss in the same manner, hungry and rough. He was grinding their cocks together in such a delicious manner that if Jensen didn’t put an end to it, they both would be coming soon.

It was hard, but Jensen managed to put a stop to that sweet friction, “Wait, Jared, let me...” Jared cut him off with another thrust of his hips and Jensen didn’t have the strength to stop him. Since there was no way he was going to stop, Jensen placed a hand between them and wrapped it around both of their cocks and stroked them to completion.

“You do know that as soon as my dick cooperates, I’m going to fuck you silly,” Jensen promised Jared while trying to slow his breathing and his heart rate down.

“Promises, promises,” Jared teased. “I’ll…” but he tensed up at a knock on the door

Jensen knew there should be no reason for his men to knock on his closed bedroom door unless it was an emergency. Reaching past Jared, he reached under the pillow on his side of the bed and retrieved his Glock 17, released the safety and pointed it towards the door.

He heard Jared gasp at the sight of the weapon, but he’d worry about that later, “Yes,” he answered trying to appear unaffected. Despite his outward calm, he was worried that if this were an enemy, Jared would get caught in the crossfire.

“Jensen, we need to talk,” Misha’s voice came through the door.

The weapon was still trained on Misha, Jensen trusted him, but until he gave him more than ‘we need to talk’ then Jensen wasn’t relaxing. He now had Jared’s life to defend.

“There’s an issue with Pellegrino,” Misha explained his intrusion in his normal economy of words. One day Jensen would like to get him drunk to see if the man would talk then. “He’s taken a couple of our guys and tried to take over some of your territory and a couple of your, um, houses.”

“Where is Pellegrino now?” Jensen asked still pointing the gun at Misha.

“Christian has him in the warehouse waiting for further instructions,” Misha explained not once blinking or appearing nervous that a very large gun was being pointed at him.

“Is Christian alone?” Jensen asked. He trusted Misha, the man had been with him a while, and

Christian trusted him enough to move him into the third position, but with Jared in danger, Christian was the only person he trusted in a situation like this.

Never once taking his eyes off Misha, Jensen picked up his cell and called Christian and demanded that he be the one to take Jensen to the warehouse. There were others there to guard their prisoner until Christian came back with Jensen, but it wouldn’t hurt to have his third there.

“We’ll be fine until Christian arrives. I need you to go to the warehouse and guard Pellegrino.”

“Yes sir,” Misha nodded and left the room.

Once the door closed, Jensen moved to his closet and chose one of his work suits, black slacks, jacket, shirt, and tie. He chose the monochrome ensemble because if there were blood, it wouldn’t be visible to the naked eye and tonight there was going to be blood.
As he dressed, Jensen glanced towards Jared who was pale with fright, and that made him angry. He traded his body to keep his friend alive, and now he was going to be scared. Well, he’d given him a reason to be afraid.

“Get dressed,” he ordered the young man. Taking Jared with him would kill two birds with one stone, because if Jared was going to stay with him then he needed not just to know what Jensen did, but see it. If he stayed, then he would not have the excuse that he didn’t know what was going on in Jensen’s organization.

As he straightened his tie, he noticed that Jared hadn’t moved, he turned to the boy, and growled, “I said get dressed. Please don’t make me dress you.”

The threat in his voice made Jared jump from the bed and go to his closet, “Choose dark clothes only, nothing light colored.”

When Jared’s hand touched a pink button down, Jensen shook his head, “Now you’re just trying to piss me off, and trust me you won’t like me when I’m pissed off.”

Less than five minutes later, Jared was dressed in black jeans and a black button down and black Italian leather boots. And picking up the gun, Jensen carefully opened the door and looked around before leading Jared down the hall to the den area.

The buzzing phone in Jensen’s pocket startled Jared and he stepped closer to Jensen, making him feel strong.

“That was Christian, he’s downstairs, let’s go.”

Jared didn’t feel safe until the SUV was pulling away from the high rise, but he thought they were driving into a dangerous situation, so he was too tense to feel relaxed.

When Misha said a warehouse, Jared pictured one of the buildings with a steel skeleton wrapped with insulation and covered with siding like the one he’d worked in this past summer. The inside should have been clean with a little office for the lazy shift supervisor to watch everyone work while he supposedly completed his paperwork, but he was wrong.

This place was old and dank and cold resembling a set of a bad mafia movie, but this wasn’t a Hollywood set. When they walked into the building, Misha was there with two other men guarding an older man who was tied to a chair in the middle of the large room.

Jared knew Pellegrino by reputation, that he was hard as Jensen and had run his territory with an iron fist for years, but right now Jared didn’t see that. He saw a tired old man being bullied and beaten by someone who should have more respect.

As much as he wanted to he didn’t voice his feelings; just because he was fucking Jensen didn’t mean that he couldn’t replace the old man in the chair.

Once they were standing in front of the man whom Jared assumed was Pellegrino, the young man gasped when he saw the bruises on his face. A quick glance at Misha and the others, Jared noticed that neither their faces nor their knuckles were bruised, but Christian’s face and hands were another story.

His battered hands needed to be cleaned and covered in Neosporin, and his face was turning a myriad of colors from where he’d been hit, but the crazy son of a bitch was smiling like a loon with blood covered teeth, not allowing that split lip to heal.

“Mark, Mark, Mark,” Jensen tutted when he stopped if front of the man. “wouldn’t this have been easier my way? You should have taken my offer and left when you had the chance, but now I have to make an example of you.”

“Fuck you, Ackles,” Pellegrino spat. “You can kill me, but at least I’ll die knowing that the next time you fuck your boy, you’ll know that I’d had him too. An ass that sweet I understand why instead of putting him on the streets, you tucked him away on Charter Street.”

“Ahh, so that explains Christian’s new look,” Jensen frowned. “Since it was his boy you violated, I’ll let him have the pleasure while my boy - whose ass is sweet - and I watch.”

As Jensen led him to a small row of chairs Misha had produced from somewhere, Jared was shaking with fear for what he was about to witness. He wondered what would happen if he tried to run, but that idea died a quick death when Christian landed his first blow.

Once upon a long time ago when Jared was still under the impression that he could be anything he wanted, he fancied becoming a doctor. In his studies before the reality of life on the streets hit him, he learned that the human body had 206 bones and tonight he listened as Christian broke at least half of Mark Pellegrino’s.

It was a painful thing to watch, but whenever he tried to turn away, Jensen took him by his chin and forced him to watch.

“If you fucking turn away again, I’ll make you participate,” Jensen threatened.

Except it wasn’t a threat, Jared was sure that was a promise, so Jared watched as Christian used his hands and whatever blunt object that someone had made available to inflict pain on the man. At this point, Pellegrino was no longer screaming, the sounds he was making were more of a muffled protestation, and now it was Jared who wanted to scream.

The three men were all quiet on the ride back to the apartment, and despite the wildness in his eyes that told Jared, Christian wanted to stay. However, when Jensen told them it was time to leave, Christian left without protest.

He wasn’t sure what the other men were thinking, but he wanted to yell and scream at Jensen for subjecting him to watching a man being murdered, but he had a feeling that Christian still had some aggression he needed to work out and he didn’t want to be the man’s punching bag. Beating the shit out of someone might be every day for them, but for Jared it was the stuff of nightmares, and this was something he couldn’t un-see.

As Jared made his way inside, he noticed that Jensen and Christian were having a deep conversation and from where he stood, it appeared that Jensen was comforting Christian. Why would he offer comfort to someone who’d just beaten a man to death? Did he feel guilty, or did Jensen feel guilty about making his friend kill someone?

Once Jensen joined him it the lobby, they rode upstairs to the penthouse apartment. The entire ride Jared was fuming and now that he knew that Christian was feeling guilt about what he’d been made to do, Jared’s anger felt as though it would blow the top of his head off.

Once the door closed behind him, Jensen headed towards the bedroom as a furious Jared ran after him, “are we not going to discuss what happened tonight?” Jared snapped. “You forced me to watch Christian kill someone, and you act as though it was nothing!”

“Leave it alone, Jared,” Jensen barked as he toed off his shoes, “we’ll discuss this in the morning.”

“Is that what you told Christian as you made him do your dirty work?” Jared mocked his lover. “I know I made you kill someone, but we’ll talk about it in the morning.”

He didn’t even see it coming. One minute he was standing in the middle of the room spitting out accusations to cover up his fear, and the next he was flat on his back on the king-sized bed with Jensen straddling his waist and unbuckling Jared’s jeans.

“For the record, Christian doesn’t need comforting after taking care of scum like Pellegrino, if he weren't part of my crew he would do it for free, but we’ll discuss that later. You offered yourself to me, and I took you up on the offer, you want to stay so you need to see what it is I do, no pretending that I’m just some nine to fiver with a fantastic salary. If you walk away next week no harm no foul. But while you’re here you will obey me. I told you earlier that you wouldn’t like me when I’m pissed, so now you must pay. Now pull those goddamned jeans off before I cut them off you.”

It didn’t even occur to Jared to argue or disobey Jensen; the hard, green eyes told Jared that he’d gone too far and he was going to pay.

“I can’t take them off with you on top of me,” Jared whispered. He wanted to obey, but he was scared of Jensen’s reaction. Instead of responding, Jensen rolled of Jared and removed his pants as well and rolled back between Jared’s spread legs he reached under the pillow and Jared was relieved to see lube and not another gun.

The finesse from earlier was gone, Jensen was angry, and it showed in his movements, he didn’t give Jared a warning as he slipped one finger inside his body, and the second one was just this side of painful. Apparently, two fingers were all the prep Jared was getting because he next heard the crinkle of a condom wrapper and his legs were being pushed forward as Jensen lined up and pushed inside Jared.

He tried not to enjoy the deep penetration and the roughness of the way Jensen was handling him. Each stroke hit his prostate and had Jared needing to come. He wanted to reach down and stroke himself, but he was afraid of Jensen’s reaction so he prayed that he would come from Jensen fucking him.

If he didn’t he believed that tonight Jensen wouldn’t let him, but when he felt his balls tighten he knew he was close, but he heard the grunt from Jensen and watched as the beauty face scrunch up as he came.

Normally Jensen holds off and lets Jared come first, but not tonight, so he was surprised when Jensen reached between them and finished him.
Once Jensen came down instead of cleaning Jared up as he normally did, he pulled his shirt off and cleaned himself off before turning his back to Jared and falling asleep.

Jensen had Christian kill someone, but he was treating Jared as though he’d fucked up. Dealing with Jensen was going to make for a long week.

The next morning when Jared woke, Jensen was out of bed and dressed in the same monochrome colors as last night. What did that mean? Please no more killing because he wasn’t sure if he could survive another round. After his shower, Jared copied the style of dress because he didn’t want Jensen angrier.

Once he was dressed and joined Jensen for breakfast, the older man barely spared a glance at Jared; he continued to read the newspaper. Not sure how long he had, Jared wolfed down his breakfast just in time for Misha to walk in and announce that Christian had arrived.

When the SUV pulled up to a beautiful house on Charter Street, Jared was surprised, he’d expected to go back to the warehouse to clean up the mess Christian had made last night. Of course, Jensen probably had minions to take care of the mess. Misha had stayed behind so perhaps he had killed Pellegrino.

The interior of the house lived up to the beauty that the exterior promised. It wasn’t gaudy and was decorated with antiques that Jared was sure matched the era in which the house was built.

Instead of talking to whom ever owned the house, Jensen followed Christian down a hall and stopped at the first closed door to their right where he and Jensen waited outside the room while Christian entered.

“Hey, darlin’ you okay this morning?” Christian asked the occupant of the room in a loving tone he didn't know the bruiser possessed. That thought was gone the moment he heard Chad’s voice answer making him gasp in shock.

He tried to go inside the room, but Jensen held him back.

“Chris, he…” Chad sobbed.

“Shhh,” Christian consoled him, “I took care of him for you, he won’t be back.”

“Thank you,” Chad told him and then they were quiet, but a moan told Jared that they were kissing.
Was Chad kissing Christian?

Chad had often teased Jared about how he didn’t understand how he preferred cock over pussy and now he was fucking a man?

“Stay here,” Jensen ordered Jared.

“Good morning Chad,” Jensen greeted the young man, “Christian told me what happened, I’m sorry Pellegrino did this to you, but I promise it’s being handled. I know this is embarrassing, but Christian explained that you had to have… stitches?”

“Yes,” Jared heard Chad answer, and he wondered what did they do to his friend. He held the anger inside because it would only further humiliate his friend. “I can’t. I can’t service any customers,” Chad whispered.

That’s when he realized what this place was and why Chad was here. Jensen had threatened to whore him out, but he had sold Chad. If that was the case, why was he fucking Jensen because Chad was still paying for what he took?

Jared had a million questions for Jensen, but he knew that he wasn’t going to get answers until Jensen was ready to give them. He wanted to run into the room and tell Chad that he was sorry that this happened to him, but he didn’t want to end up in a room next to his friend.

“We have him, Chad,” Jensen told his friend, “Christian is making him pay for what he did to you. All you need to worry about is healing. I’m going to let Christian visit with you while I talk to Sam.”

When Jensen came back into the hall, he didn’t speak; he just gave Jared a little shove towards the front door. Instead of leaving they walked into an office on the other side of the kitchen. When they entered, Jared was somehow surprised that Sam was a woman, and to see that someone had roughed her up enough to leave bruises on her face.

“Are you okay, Sam?” Jensen asked the older woman with a softness in his voice that surprised Jared. For some reason, he’d expected Jensen to rip the woman a new one.

“I’m fine, Jensen,” she assured him in a tone that said stop fussing over me.
Jensen chuckled and asked, “was anyone else hurt, other than you and Chad?”

“No, I tried to stop Pellegrino and his men, hence my new make-up job,” she sarcastically explained, “Pellegrino came here specifically for Chad and was intent on getting the boy. After he had begun questioning me, it was clear that he was under the impression that the boy was yours and wanted to hurt him.”

Jared gasped at the revelation knowing that the man he’d felt sorry for the night before he now wanted to hurt. He’d like to say that it was because he hurt his friend, but if he were pressed, he would have to admit that it was because the man wanted to hurt him.

His gasp was ignored by Jensen and Samantha as they moved on from discussing the events of the night before to discussing the profits for the week. Jared felt as though Chad being hurt was an annoyance to their profits. Was he going to make his friend work tonight even though he’d just been raped?

As the pair discussed this week's profits, Jared fumed again, but he knew that he had to calm down before he confronted Jensen because he didn't want him to turn on him. Jensen had once threatened to whore him out, and now that he was here it hit him that the threat had been more of a reality than he’d thought.

“Give Christian twenty more minutes before sending him to the car,” Jensen told Samantha as he walked to the door.

Jared knew that he was supposed to follow the man, but he wanted to stay in the safety of Sam’s office, but looking at the damage done to her face and she was still working without complaint, Jared wasn’t sure if she was the safer option.

Once they were in the privacy of the SUV, Jared still hadn’t found the courage to address the issues that were bothering him so as they sat there waiting for Christian to fuck Chad he bounced his leg as he tried to get a grip on his emotions.

“Either keep that fucking leg still or say what’s on your mind,” Jensen interrupted his thoughts.

“Or what, you’ll put me in the room next to Chads?” He snapped. “My two weeks was supposed to free Chad. You moved me in and fucked me, yet you make Chad fuck men for money. Please ignore the fact that he was raped last night because beating the fuck out the man who did it wasn’t enough for Chris to get his rocks off!”

“Are you finished?” Jensen sneered. When Jared pursed his lips and gave a slight nod, Jensen continued. “At no time did I swear that I was Mother fucking Teresa. When you’re bargaining that sweet little body of yours, you should listen to the finer details. What you agreed to was me fucking you saved Chad’s life, fucking the men who pay, pays off his debt. And for the record, it’s Christian, not Chris no one knows him well enough to bastardized his name except Chad; and while you’re sitting there judging, know this, Christian is taking care of his boy making sure he’s okay and today that does not include fucking him. He loves the boy enough to pay so that no one else will have him, so pull your head out of your ass and see what the hell’s going on around you or keep your mouth shut.”

“Chad’s not gay,” was all Jared could manage to say.

“He is for Christian. Because Christian is taking care of him, Chad will be anything Christian wants.”

Jared had no response for that because it was clear from the brief interaction that Chad cared for the vicious man. What had Christian done to make Chad fall in love with him? He had been in that place the same amount of time that Jared has been with Jensen so how did Christian change him from wanting to fuck anything in a skirt to falling for a man in less than two weeks?

He laughed at himself because he had to admit he was falling for Jensen in the short period that he’s been with the man, but he had liked men before he moved into Jensen's place, so Jared had to question the validity of Jensen’s claim.

Was Chad clinging to Christian for protection, because he would need someone looking out for him in a place like that, and Christian seemed more than willing.

Jared gathered his thoughts, and he wondered if he could take some of Chad's sentence because it wasn’t as though he didn’t like what Jensen did to him. Even today when Jensen was angry with him, he loved being manhandled.

Even though Christian knew the arrangement between him and Jensen, Jared decided he would wait until they were alone before he broached the subject with Jensen. He not only wanted to be alone with Jensen, but he also wanted to give his temper time to cool down because if

Jensen decided to put him in a room next to Chad’s, there would be no turning back. The man wouldn’t change his mind on principle, so Jared had to be careful; he couldn’t do anything for a Chad if he were in the room next to him.

Keeping his temper in check was hard to do when the first, second and third stops were to houses like the one on Charter Street. The houses were alike in the fact that the people working in them had beds and someone running the place, but by the third house, Jared realized that the quality of the houses dwindled and the person running the house became less of a manager, or caretaker and just a guard to keep them from leaving.

After the third house, things became worse.

There were no more houses, just young people standing on street corners taking chances with their lives by either getting into cars with strangers or selling drugs. Sometimes both.
After the last pickup of very large sums of cash, Jared though that they were heading back to the penthouse and that made him happy because he needed a bath to wash off the dirt that he’d been exposed to today, but instead Christian pulled up to the warehouse from last night.
He didn’t want to see anyone else get brutalized, but he noticed Jensen gathering the large sums of money he’d collected today to carry inside.

Once inside the cash was handed over to Misha before Jared followed Jensen into the large empty room where Pellegrino was still sitting tied to the chair. Whereas last night he was tied to hold him there, today he was tied to keep his body upright.

Pellegrino’s pain didn’t bother Jared today, when he walked towards the man, the pain in Chad’s voice was the only hurt that concerned him. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Christian reach for him, but Jensen held his friend back and watched as Jared’s hands connected with swollen flesh and broken bones.

The incapacitated man didn’t scream as he had last night when Christian had begun the beating but his moans of pain were enough to satisfy Jared’s need for revenge.

Jared expected Jensen to stop him, but he realized that Jensen knew that he needed to get this rage and frustration out if his system and beating the shit out of Pellegrino was the way to ease the pain. That night when they returned to the penthouse, it was Jared who attacked Jensen; as soon as they entered the apartment, Jared was on his knees mouthing along Jensen’s hard cock stopping when the older man warned he was about to come.

Tonight Jared wanted-no, needed Jensen to fuck him into the mattress to burn off the energy he couldn’t seem to expel. Easing the large cock from his mouth, Jared stood up and began to undress as he walked towards the bedroom, smiling as Jensen followed undressing as well.
Not bothering to pull the bed covers back, Jared pushed Jensen onto the bed on his back and reached for the condom and lube. He gave the condom to Jensen and began to finger himself open.

“Let me see,” Jensen husked and attempted to turn Jared around.

“No, not tonight,” Jared refused the demand and dug his knees into the mattress. “I want you inside me as soon as possible.”

As soon as Jensen had sheathed his dick in the condom, Jared raised himself up and sank until he was fully seated.

“Move!” Jensen demanded not wanting to give Jared time to adjust.

Shaking his head, Jared smiled and teased, “un uh, tonight I’m in charge, and we go at my pace.”

Another night and Jared would have teased Jensen, but tonight he needed to fuck away from the anger of the day, and he began to move. At first, the movements were tentative because this position was new to him, but then he let the pleasure and the headiness of Jensen taking orders from him take over, and his movements picked up.

Reaching out to flick one of Jensen’s pink nipple drew attention to the blood that was still on his hands and the reason for his anger. Instead of teasing the nipple with his bloody finger,Jared leaned forward and bit the hard bud. When Jensen moaned, then placed his hands on Jared’s head to hold him there, he knew that despite his hard exterior, Jensen needed the release that only a fight or a hard fuck would bring.

He couldn’t help him with the former, but the latter? As Jensen's hard cock slid in and out of him, he thought that anytime Jensen needed to fuck away from the anger and frustration he would be here for him.

Jared kissed his way up from the tortured nipples, until his soft pink lips moved along Jensen’s collar bone up to his Adams's Apple where he nibbled at the organ before moving to the sensitive spot behind his lover’s ear and that simple move drove Jensen to take over.

Placing strong hands on Jared’s hips, in a move that proved that Jensen was stronger than he looked, he flipped them over and began to drive into Jared’s body at a brutal speed.
Biting back the moans, Jared loved the feeling of Jensen’s cock hammering into his body.

“Let me hear what I’m doing to you. I want you to drown out Pellegrino’s moans with yours,” Jensen demanded. To make sure Jared obeyed his command, not only did Jensen keep up the brutal thrusts and hit his prostate each time. The relentless assault made it difficult for Jared to keep the moans silent.

“Sogoodsogoodsofuckinggood,” Jared chanted with each stroke.

There was no way this was going to last, his skin was getting hot, his balls were tightening up, and he was squeezing so hard on Jensen’s cock, that he wasn’t sure how the man was still able to continue thrusting, but thank God, he did.

Soon Jared felt the pleasure zing down his spine and exit through his cock making him see stars as he came, and the wonderful thing was Jensen came seconds afterwards. As he drifted off to sleep, he felt Jensen cover them before he tucked Jared under his chin and they drifted off to sleep.

The next morning things were less tense between them, Jensen smiled to himself and thought a good fucking always relaxes him, and it seemed to have the same effect on Jared because the boy was humming as he dressed.

This morning there was no hesitation in what Jared wore, after a thorough fucking in the shower, the boy went to his closet and dressed in the dark clothing Jensen had ordered him to on Monday. He hadn’t said he would stay, but Jensen was going to treat him as though he would. Picking up his phone, he texted Misha to purchase Jared more clothes and other and a couple of other items before making a trip to round up one of Pellegrino’s captains, Aldis Hodge.

Pellegrino wasn’t how he’d intended to introduce Jared into his world but the fucker made a power play, and he had to be put down. Because Jared had been initiated in blood, this conversation with Aldis would - should be a cake walk, but then people surprised him.

When the police discovered Pellegrino’s body, it wouldn’t be long before there was chaos in his remaining territories and that meant dealing with Morgan. Because he had a jump on the older man, Jensen was meeting with one of Pellegrino’s men to take over the territory before anyone knew what happened.

At their arrival at the warehouse, Jensen could sense Jared’s nervousness, but that was to be expected. He hadn’t killed the man, no Misha did that with a bullet to the brain, but he knew that he’d participated in his demise and he was going to feel guilty about that.

Jensen wasn’t worried, all he would need to do was play the Chad card, and he’s sure that the guilt will dissipate at the remembrance of what the man did to his friend.

When they walked into the warehouse, he could tell that Jared was expecting to see Pellegrino’s battered body in the middle of the room, but his men had taken care of that.

The faint smell of bleach was still in the air from cleaning up any evidence of the gangster ever having been there. In the place of the body was a young black man roughly around Jensen’s age, flanked by three other men.

“Aldis, you don't trust me, I’m hurt,” Jensen greeted the young man.

“Well, word on the street is that you made my boss disappear,” Aldis shrugged. “Gotta protect me.”

“I just wanted to… talk,” Jensen told him, “to offer you the chance to work for me.”

As the man studied him, Jensen knew that he was searching for tells to see if he was telling the truth, but Jensen knew that his face gave nothing away. He hoped the man made the right choice because if he didn’t then neither he nor his men would leave the warehouse alive.

“Doing what?”
“Pellegrino was lazy, he let you do all of his work for him, so the people there were more loyal to you than to him. I want you to take over that territory for me with one of my men as your second.”

Jensen watched as Aldis thought over his offer, but he glanced at Jared in he peripheral vision to make sure his boy wasn’t panicking. He had every right to panic, but he hoped he didn’t because Aldis was an easy solution, but if any of Aldis’ group appeared to be a threat to Jared, then he’d have to find another solution.

“Works for me,” Aldis agreed with an easy smile. “Who is going to be my second?”

“Mike Rosenbaum,” Jensen named one of his men who’d joined him and Chris early in their career. He would keep an eye on Aldis and help the transition to stop any potential turf war. If Jensen already had his people in place, then that will stop Morgan from starting a war.

Once they agreed on Aldis’ position and his share, Jensen had the men escorted from the warehouse.

“Let’s get lunch,” he suggested.

They drove to one of the areas more exclusive restaurants and was seated immediately at the expense of some outraged politician who feathers Jensen had to soothe while Christian took their seats and studied the menus the waiter placed in front of them.

Jared watched as Jensen walked over to the politician who according to the local newspapers might be his parties next nominee for president. Jared didn’t know much about politics, but he knew that if the man was dealing with Jensen, then he was dirty.

While Jensen talked to the politician, Jared turned to Christian and asked, “How's Chad?”
For a moment he thought Christian hadn’t heard him because he never took his eyes off the menu, “He’s okay, working on getting better.”

“May I see him?” Jared asked.

“Why?” Christian asked suddenly no longer interested in the menu. Jared studied the man’s body language; he was stiff and ready to attack, and Jared realized that he cared for Chad. It wasn’t just about sex as he’d thought. “He doesn’t need you judging him.”

“Not gonna judge him,” Jared denied. “we’re practically in the same boat, but I wasn’t hurt, and he was because of me, and I want to make sure that he’s okay, that’s all.”

He wanted Christian to understand that he felt as though he failed his friend and also felt guilty that Chad had to sleep with strange men while Jared was in a penthouse apartment eating food that he couldn’t pronounce in restaurants he couldn’t afford.

“Talk to Jensen, if it’s okay with him, then I’ll run it by Chad, but a word to the wise, don’t try to soften him up with sex because that shot will backfire. If you want something from him, ask because if you don’t, he’ll treat you like the whore you’ll have turned yourself into.”

Lunch was nice and for some reason that surprised Jared. Perhaps it was because Christian never talked, but today he was laughing and joking with Jensen and the situation felt… normal.

After the long emotional day, Jared felt too tired even to offer Jensen a blow job, but he knew he was going to have to whether he wanted to or not because that was why Jensen wanted him. In two more days he’d be able to choose whether or not he wanted to fuck Jensen and the thought of that felt fantastic.

It would be so much hotter to fuck this man whom he was falling for without the balance of their transaction hanging over his head.

Instead of going to sleep, Jared walked into the apartment and was stunned by the amount of clothes waiting for him. There were several bags from the expensive men’s clothing store Misha had taken him to last week, and there were also several large bags bearing the name of a local electronic store.

Jared bypassed the clothing for the electronics and found a new laptop, tablet, cell phone and gaming station. There was also a box without a store name, but before he could open it, Jensen picked up the box and placed it on his bedside table. The clothes and the electronics were nice, but he’s sure that he won’t get to take any of the items with him when he leaves in a couple of days.

“Why did he even buy this shit?” Jared mumbled under his breath, “I’ll be gone in a couple of days and besides he doesn’t even have a fucking television.”

Knowing how neat Jensen was, Jared began to hang the clothes in the closet space designated for him when Jensen stopped him, “Leave it, Alona will put them away for you in the morning.”

Jared nodded and began to undress. Alona was Jensen’s housekeeper, and he felt guilty about leaving a mess for her, but he was tired, and he didn’t think Jensen would appreciate the insubordination, so he left the bags and clothes where they fell. Once the excitement from the new purchases subsided, the tiredness crept back into his bones, so once he was down to his boxers, he slid in next to Jensen. He was tired, but not sleepy; television would be nice, but there wasn’t one in the penthouse.

He could set up the laptop and catch up on his favorite television shows, but he didn’t want to move or have to find a comfortable position to watch the small screen. Perhaps it was just as well because The Walking Dead would be his comfort when he was back in his shitty apartment.

“Why don’t you have a television?” He mumbled into Jensen’s neck as he curled into his lover's side trying to get comfortable.

Just as he’d found the perfect spot, Jensen pulled away and reached into the nightstand and pulled out the fanciest remote control Jared had ever seen, pushed a few buttons and a large screen television rose up from the foot of the bed.

“I thought you’d found the television; you never said anything,” Jensen said. “Remind me tomorrow to show you the others.”

“Others?” Jared asked. He would say that Jensen's was teasing him if he hadn’t just seen the television come from the foot of the bed.

“I’ll show them to you later, what do you want to watch?” Jensen asked.

It pleased Jared that Jensen asked rather than choosing something for them, because it was a smart television, Jared logged into his Amazon account and they browsed through the listings, “have you watched Game of Thrones?” Jared asked Jensen.

“Never had the time, you?”

“No, not really,” Jared lied. He was too embarrassed to admit that he never had the extra money to watch the series to catch up, and he didn’t have the money now. Jensen must have known that.

“Pull your information up, and I'll enter my card info,” Jensen told him.

When the opening credits appeared on the screen, Jared settled back into the comfortable spot he been in before Jensen surprised him with the magically hidden television. He'd wanted to see this series for the longest time, and now all he could concentrate on was the man in the bed next to him.

It wasn’t even sexual, okay it was, but because of his tiredness, it wasn’t as overwhelming as it had been this morning. It was nice lying here watching a show that he wouldn’t be able to afford either monetarily or emotionally, so he soaked in the moment.

That's what he did the last two days he had with Jensen, soaked in everything about him. He knew that the man was bad news, but he didn’t care, he realized that he loved this man; loved him enough to overlook the socially unacceptable things he did.

When the time came and Jensen asked, Jared was going to stay.

But Jensen never asked. He sat in his office and ignored Jared as he packed up his new possessions in the new suitcases that Misha had purchased as well.

“Christian will be here in fifteen minutes,” was Jensen's only acknowledgement to Jared’s leaving.
The emotionless announcement made Jared want to cry. He would cry later when he was back in his cold, filthy apartment lying in his bed. Alone.

As Misha took his luggage to the SUV, Jared kept waiting for Jensen to stop him, but he never said a word; hell, he never left his office, not even when Misha told him they were leaving.

They had been driving for five minutes before Christian spoke, “If you didn’t want to leave then why did you?”

“What makes you think I wanted to stay?” He asked defiantly. Jensen didn’t want him and he didn’t want Christian telling him that he’d been weak enough to want someone who’d only wanted him for a fuck and not even that in the end. Jensen hadn’t touched him at all today after fucking him all night. “He didn’t ask me to stay.”

“No that was up to you,” Christian shook his head and stared at Jared as though he had a mental deficiency. “Those tears tell me you wanted to stay, but for some stupid reason was waiting for him to ask. He told you if you wanted to stay all YOU had to do was ask, but you never asked and he won’t.”

Fuck! He hadn't even realized that he’d been crying over a man whose pride lets him walk away.

Jared thought about what Christian said. Was the answer that simple? What would happen if he asked Christian to take him back and Jensen turned him away? When the vehicle stopped in front of his building, he didn’t move to go inside. There was nothing there for him except a lonely bed.

All it took was a look into the rear view mirror, and Christian pulled away and drove back to the penthouse. When they pulled up to the entrance, Misha was awaiting there as though he’d never left. Perhaps he had known what Jared hadn’t and waited for him to come to his senses. If he did, he didn’t voice his opinion as he rode with Jared back to the penthouse, back to Jensen.

Misha didn’t get out of the elevator; he let Jared face Jensen alone, but then this was personal, so he was thankful for that. Besides, Jared didn’t want witnesses to his groveling.
Jensen was facing one of the large windows that over looked the city. The view was one Jared normally found breathtaking but the fear of Jensen not wanting him was the only thing taking his breath away at this moment.

“You came back,” Jensen said as the doors to the elevator slid closed.

“I never wanted to leave,” Jared softly said. “I thought that you wanted me gone.”

Jared’s insides began to tremble as Jensen remained silent to his confession. He wished that Jensen would turn and face him, tell him that he was happy he was back, that he never wanted him to leave, but instead he continued to face the windows and remained quiet.

After an uncomfortable silence, Jensen finally spoke, “If you stay it’s under the understanding that you accept what it is that I do; you don’t get the chance to pretend that I’m some respectable business man who works a nine to five and you don’t get to change your mind. Is that understood?”

“Yeah, understood,” Jared confirmed before boldly stating his demands, “but you don’t get to partake in any of the sex you have on tap. It’s you and me. If I know that I’m yours, I’ll be everything that you need.”
Holding his breath, Jared waited for Jensen to respond to his demand. He wasn’t going to trade his soul for an open relationship.

Slowly, Jensen turned towards Jared and gave him a devastating smile and demanded, “Come show me what you’ll be for me?”

Walking towards his lover, Jared knew that was as close to a yes as he was going to get, so when he reached Jensen, he fell to his knees an unzipped the expensive black pants covering Jensen’s cock. Once he freed the organ, he let it slide into his mouth until it hit the back of his throat.

The feeling of Jensen in his mouth went to his cock, so he slipped his hand through the zipper of the expensive jeans Jensen had purchased and stroked himself to completion as he choked on Jensen’s dick.

Reaching down to pull Jared to his feet, in a voice that sounded as though he’d been the one to give the blowjob, Jensen said, “let’s take this to the bedroom.”
Once they were undressed and in the bed, Jared watched as Jensen reached into the night stand, “You’ve recovered that fast?” he half joked.

“Be patient,” Jensen smiled as he retrieved a box from the drawer and Jared recognized it as the box he’d put away the night Jensen had purchased the additional clothes. He’d been curious about it but never asked, but now that it was being presented to him he couldn't wait to open it. Once he tore the lid from the box, he stared at the contents in surprise; it was a gun.


“This is a Heckler and Koch,” Jensen explained, “it’s a good mid-range gun for beginners, but we're going to the range and let you practice and see how it feels in your hands. If you don’t like it, then we’ll find you something else.”

“You bought me a gun?” Jared asked trying not to be too excited at the implications. As they drifted off to sleep, he thought that Jensen had asked him to stay he just didn’t ask in a language Jared understood. But he was willing to learn to speak Jensen.

He had time.

Date: Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 10:07 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yay! You posted! I'll reread later, busy right now! Thanks for letting me help!

Date: Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 10:23 pm (UTC)
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I can't thank you enough for your help!

Date: Wednesday, December 14th, 2016 03:59 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Love this!

Date: Thursday, December 15th, 2016 05:54 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you !

Date: Wednesday, December 14th, 2016 12:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I like the fact that Jensen is a LEGIT gangster in this. No sugar coating. Will we ever see if Jared learns to speak Jensen?

Date: Thursday, December 15th, 2016 05:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I wanted Jared to have no question as to what kind of man Jensen was. It may be in the future, but right now I'm knee deep in the time stamp for Two Alphas and my SPN reverse BB, so right now it's a one shot.

Date: Wednesday, December 14th, 2016 10:43 pm (UTC)
deanshot1: (J2 snowy)
From: [personal profile] deanshot1
You did an excellent job with this story. I really enjoyed how you didn't sugar coat that Jensen was indeed a gangster.
I also liked how you ended with Jared realising that Jensen had asked in his own way but Jared hadn't understood what he meant.
Thanks for sharing.

Date: Thursday, December 15th, 2016 05:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you and also [ profile] emmatheslayer for the wonderful art. The story came from her imagery. I think that quite often we miss things people say because we don't realize that people don't express feeling in the same manner as we do. Thank you for commenting, that make me smile.
Edited Date: Thursday, December 15th, 2016 05:25 pm (UTC)

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Dangerous mobster!Jensen, how lovely! :DDD

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There's not enough of that is there? Thank for commenting.
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sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you! So happy you liked it.


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