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Title: Afraid of the fall
Artist: [ profile] emmatheslayer
Author: [ profile] cillab42
Other Pairing: Christian/Chad
Rating: NC17
Warnings/Spoilers: dub-con prostitution, physical violence

Summary: Jared's best friend Chad ran into trouble with one of the local crime bosses so Jared offered himself as payment.

A/N This was my contribution to this years [ profile] j2_reversebang and it was fun to write so thank you [ profile] emmatheslayer for such great inspiration. Check out her wonderful art work here. I also want to give a huge thanks to [ profile] masja_17 for her beta skills, any mistakes found are my own. I do not own Jared or Jensen or any of the people mentioned, I'm just using their likeness for my story.

Please forgive the prominence of food talk in the story, my excuse is that I was binge watching Top Chef while writing.


Jensen looked at himself in the mirror and straightened his tie.
The mirror was cracked and broken, but that didn’t reflect the man he was, but the man whose room this was, Chad Michael Murray.

Unlike Mr. Murray, Jensen looked good, and he and the men on the other side of the door knew it. The only reason they didn’t voice it aloud was that they thought he would kill them, but they knew Jensen looked nice because some of them tried to emulate his style.

He tried not to be elitist about where he was because this was business and he went where business took him. Business often took him to places that were not up to his standards socially and the place Murray chose to call home was not even close to his social station.
Tonight, business took him to a side of town that he hadn’t visited since he made his first kill. He’d used his innocent look and his fresh pressed clothes to remove him from the list of usual suspects and hadn’t looked back until now. Tonight, he was rifling through drawers full of dirty underwear and used condoms trying to find a man who’d thought that he could steal from him.

Thanking God he had gloves on, he wondered how the fuck someone who used as much shit as Murray did got hard. Perhaps that’s where the posters of half-naked women in triangles of cloth that were supposed to be bikinis came in.

The women were pretty if you went for, well, women.

Now give him posters of muscular men spread eagle on that same car (who wouldn’t want a Ferrari) with their hard dicks barely contained in that same small piece of cloth, well then, you’d have his attention.

His men amused themselves by calling him the dapper Don and Jensen pretended that he didn’t know and let them have their fun. The news media had put their spin on it as well, saying that he was paying homage to those who came before him, Al Capone, Meyer Lansky and the real Dapper Don, John Gotti and it was flattering to be compared to those men. But the truth was if he didn’t dress up so over the top and dressed more like his age twenty-two, then he looked like some oversexed rent boy, and no one took him seriously.

In the business of crime, impressions were everything.

His business was why he was here in this dump searching for Chad, the man took drugs on credit and now he couldn’t pay forcing Jensen to pay him a visit and Jensen hated home visits. His men suggested that he wear gloves, but they should have suggested a tetanus shot because the dirty pictures hanging on the walls were the only thing clean in the room.
It was cool outside, and Jensen was wearing his favorite coat but after a visit to this place he was going to have to burn it as well. Perhaps he could wrap Murray in it and then set it on fire, a nice slow death to give him time to think of what he did wrong and caused Jensen to lose his coat.

Jensen’s crew had been searching for Chad for the past two weeks, and no one could locate him. Call him stupid, but finding a crackhead who hadn’t had a hit in two weeks should be easy, but apparently, it wasn’t.

Perhaps Jensen should get rid of his men and put Chad on the payroll because it amazed him that a drug addicted idiot possessed the faculties to hide from some of the smartest men Jensen knew. Since he operated so well high, Jensen could pay him in product.

Play time was over, and Jensen was getting pissed. He had personally torn the room apart, and nothing gave a clue as to where he might find Murray and then he saw it hanging on the door to the bathroom.
It was a vest with a name tag that read Chad.

He recognized the vest; it was for the carnival that came to town each year in the fall. His mom had taken him and his sister once when she was still pretending to be their mother and not the local crack whore. Of course, selling herself for a ten-dollar rock didn’t make her lose her self-righteous about Jensen being gay.

No, she was okay when he began to sell drugs for Morgan, but she couldn’t handle him liking dick and kicked him out, moved away and wouldn’t let him see Mack.

“So, Murray’s working the midway,” Jensen mumbled aloud with a derisive laugh. “No wonder he can’t afford to pay me.”

Holding the vest in is hand, Jensen walked out of the building using the back stairs to the dark SUV waiting there. Before stepping inside the vehicle, he removed his coat the gloves and his shoes. He wasn’t sure what was in that building, but he wasn’t taking it home with him.
Throwing the vest into the front seat at the two men seated there, “Take me here,” he ordered before he slipped his feet into the pair of shoes waiting for him. “Where’s Speight?” he asked Christian Kane, his driver and the closest thing he had to a best friend.

“It came to my attention that he’s been spending time at Pellegrino’s place and when I questioned him he didn’t give me an answer that I could bring to you, so I took care of him.”

“You vet his replacement,” Jensen ordered before he leaned his head back and closed his eyes waiting to get to his destination. Once the car took off, he made himself comfortable, never once questioning that his driver would take him somewhere other than where he wanted.

Jensen didn’t have to be told that they’d arrived at the fair, the smells gave it away. It brought back memories that he supposed he could classify as happy ones. The popcorn, something being fried and cotton candy.

Unbidden, a smile crept onto his lips as the smell of cotton candy brought an image of his sister behind his eyelids.

She was running and smiling a smile so bright it could have powered every ride there. Their mom had somehow managed to keep her promise and let them ride rides and bought them treats, and Mack had kept going back to eat the spun sugar until it made her sick.

He only sees her in pictures now, but she’s still smiling. Just not at him.

As they walked the fairway among the families dressed in their Wal-Mart jeans and cargo shorts, Jensen and his men looked out of place, but that didn’t bother them. Once they found Murray and Jensen treated himself to some cotton candy for old times sake, they would be gone and so would Murray.

Chris spotted him first, as luck would have it Murray was headed for the cotton candy stand, Jensen smiled to himself, thinking that he could kill two birds with one stone.

From the way Murray was shaking Jensen could tell that he was tweaking and talking about something nonsensical, but he didn't need a fix as bad as Jensen thought he would. That meant someone was helping him and that person needed to be taught a lesson as well.
It wouldn’t be a permanent one like Murray’s, but it would be memorable.

“Murray,” Jensen greeted like an old friend.

For the first time in his life, Jensen was speechless. When Murray and the person he was standing next to turned around, the young man took his breath away.
“What can I get you?” a dimpled smile asked.

A bed and a week alone with you underneath me was the first thought that came to Jensen’s mind, but that would be mixing business with pleasure. He would take care of his business and then he would find all the pleasure he could with this kid.

He could tell that the boy knew who he was and why he was there by the way his eyes stretched and the brave way he stepped in front of Murray as though his body was going to protect what Chris was going to do to Murray.

Nodding his head, Chris moved forward and past the flimsy counter that was supposed to separate the public from the sticky sweet treat. He reached out to push the kid aside, but then he spoke.
“Please don’t hurt my friend,” Dimples pleaded as he reached out and placed his hand on Jensen’s.
Chris started to interrupt and remove Dimples from Jensen’s vicinity and perhaps even bury him with Murray for having the audacity to touch Jensen. But Jensen liked this boys’ touch and the way he begged.

Normally someone pleading for their friend or family member was annoying, and Jensen could just as easily have them killed for talking to him let alone touching, but not today. Where this boys hand touched Jensen’s flesh, it tingled in that spot before moving from his hand to his entire body until it had something buzzing under his skin that felt like ten thousand bees.

He surprised Chris by stilling him; he wanted to deal with Dimples himself, and he was willing to hurt Chris if he so much as bruised this boys skin. He didn’t know what he wanted from this kid, but Jensen would play it out until the end.

Once Jensen was sated they would go their separate ways and Dimples would go back to being who he was, and Jensen would go back to killing people and most likely begin with Chad. With this boy begging so pretty, Jensen wouldn’t promise that he won’t kill Murray, but he would give the blonde a reprieve.

“Why not?” Jensen asked in a low voice that had every dick became hard and every pussy wet within hearing range.

“We have your money,” Dimples said.

“You should have said that first,” Jensen smiled at the boy. “It could have saved a lot of confusion.”

Jensen watched as the boy bit his lip. He studied the pink flesh as it turned white where his teeth bit into it. Reading body language as one of Jensen’s specialties, and biting his lip was a tell. It was sexy as hell, but it was a tell.

“I feel there’s a but coming, right. As cute as your dimples are, I can’t with a straight face call you Dimples, so what is your name.”

“Jared, his name is Jared,” Murray mumbled from where he was hiding from behind his friend. “Jared don’t get yourself caught up in this.”

“Now you decide to stand up for yourself,” Jensen said as he shot the blonde a look of disgust, “If I were you, I’d shut up. Now, Jared, you were saying?”

“Well, we have half of the money, but we won’t have the rest until payday.”

“Unless payday is tonight, that’s not going to help your friend,” Jensen smiled as he let his eyes travel over the boy’s tight body. “I didn’t give my product out in increments, so I won't take my payments that way. It's all or nothing. What else do you have to offer?”

Jensen could hear Christian grind his teeth when Jensen made the offer. During the years they’d been together, Jensen has never traded goods for sex, it sets a bad precedence. If a person couldn’t pay, then something else was used to barter and if that meant taking a life then so be it, but it was never sex because it was too common of a commodity.

Hell, Murray was decent looking perhaps he could trade for sex, just not with Jensen; the boy could work it off in one of Jensen’s houses for the next year to repay what he’s stolen. He hadn’t stolen that much, but he had to pay for making Jensen chase him. His saving grace was when Jensen met Jared.

The more Jensen thought about Chad working in one of his houses, he thought that might be better in the end, because no matter how clean they were, a whore house was a soul sucker, even the high end one on Charter Street where the clientele was the city’s elite.

Almost all the workers used drugs to forget where they were and the only place they could purchase them was from Jensen, so they usually ended up owing so much for the drugs that they never managed to pay back what they originally owed.

Placing Chad in one of his houses would work for Jensen because that way he could keep whatever promise he was going to make with Jared, and still make an example out of Murray.

“Jared no!” Chad shook his head and tried to stop Jared again. “Let me handle this.”

Jensen walked up to Murray and said in a tone that only they could hear, “He’s doing just fine Murray, a helluva lot better than you. His pretty eyes have kept you alive so let him continue unless you’re ready to die?”

Stepping away from the blonde, Jensen noted the expression on Chad’s face. It was a study of relief when he realized that his worthless life had just been extended, so he stood back and watched as his friend flirted with danger.

“I’ll tell you what, how about you and I discuss an extension for Mr. Murray over dinner?”

Jensen watched as the kid mulled over the invitation. He didn’t know that Jensen had made up his mind already to let Murray live. It wouldn’t be a great quality of life, but he would be breathing. Chris didn’t think Jensen was aware of how he eyed the young man when he came in to get his drugs. For his loyalty and for taking care of Speight, he’d let Christian break Murray in before putting him in a room in one of his houses.

“Have dinner with me?”

It was cute when Jared blushed and nodded his affirmation. Murray stood beside the gorgeous young man, looking thankful that he wasn’t going to die tonight.

Once they were in the safety of the car, Jensen told Christian, “take Murray to the Charter Street location. He’s done me the favor of cleaning himself up and hadn’t sold himself for twenty dollars or a hit so we can get good money for him. If you find a good replacement for Speight, then you can break him in.”

Christian didn’t respond to the gift, but Jensen could tell his friend was excited by the way he flexed his fingers on the steering wheel until they turned white.
Dinner was tricky.

He couldn’t take Jared to the normal places he dined. Some of them had two or three Michelin Stars, and he wasn't sure if Jared’s palate was sophisticated enough for that. He knew that he didn't have the patience to watch him pick through a meal that was both delicious as well as artistic and find it lacking.

As a compromise, Christian found a little diner that would make Jared comfortable and wouldn’t make Jensen ill. He brought along a bottle of the pink stuff just in case.

The place was cleaner than Jensen anticipated. When he thought of diners, he remembered those places where he and Christian would beg for food when they didn't have two dimes to rub together. If they were particularly hungry, they would sometimes eat the leftovers before the busboy would clean the table.

As they arrived to pick Jared up, Jensen noticed that the building was almost a big of a dump as the one Murray lived in, but not quite. A peek inside told Jensen that the apartment was cleaner than Chad’s, but that didn’t matter to Jensen because he wouldn’t be spending that much time in it, but it was nice to know that his new lover wasn’t a slob.

He wasn’t interested in Jared’s housekeeping abilities; he had Alona for that. The only household chores Jared needed to be concerned about was between the sheets.

In the end, Jensen couldn’t bring himself to eat at the diner. Food poisoning was not how he intended to die, but he loved watching Jared eat. It was pornographic listening to him moan at each bite, and Jensen adjusted himself in his pants each time Jared’s pretty pink lips closed around the thick cut fries. He hoped he did everything with that much enthusiasm.

Jared was so busy enjoying the greasy food that he didn’t notice that Jensen wasn’t eating. He only lifted his head up from his food when he heard Jensen moan. When their eyes met, Jared stopped mid chew.

“Why aren't you eating?” Jared asked as he swallowed the masticated food. “This is the best diner I've eaten in since I've been with the midway.”

Jensen’s thoughts changed. Jared traveled with the piss poor excuse of a carnival, “when do you leave?”

“Two weeks,” Jared answered, and Jensen could tell when he realized that his game was up.

“Did you think that you would string me along until it was time for you to leave? That you would take my money and Murray?”

The thought Jared using him infuriated Jensen, if this boy didn't have him tied up in knots, he’d have the boy in a room next to Murray making the house a hell of a lot of money.

However, the thought of someone else touching Jared infuriated Jensen even more and made him that more desperate to have the boy. He was going to have him, but first, he had to lay the ground rules so that Jared would know that he was between Charybdis and Scylla.

“I need you to know what you’re getting into; I mean even over the smell of grease in this place I can smell that you’re a virgin. If you leave here with me tonight, keep this in mind. I can go to one of three whore houses tonight and have someone to do anything I want, so I don’t need you to get my rocks off. I'll break you in easy, but you must cater to my likes, not the other way around. If you can’t do that, then you’ve wasted my time and put yourself in the line of fire along with Murray.”

He watched as Jared’s mind processed his words and he could tell that he was trying to factor in an escape, but there would be no escape for the young man. He put himself in Jensen’s radar and now he had to pay the price.

“Know this as well, Jared, I'm petty. If you try to run, you won't like the results. Two weeks, I own you, body and soul for two weeks. After that, you can leave free and clear. If you stay one minute longer, you’re mine.”

Pushing the food away from him, “I may not be as experienced as you, but I’m not a virgin. I can give you two weeks, but for the record, his name is Chad, and you can't…”

“Can’t what sweetheart?” Jensen tensed. He wanted this boy, but he wasn’t going to be led around by his balls.

“Please don’t hurt him,” Jared whispered.

“I won’t lay a finger on him… Chad,” Jensen smiled. He wouldn’t, but he made no promises about Christian.

After his promise, all the tension was gone, and now he had the boy from the cotton candy booth, sticky sweet and gorgeous and for two weeks, his.

Dinner was just a way of teasing Jensen, but he let Jared have his moment, but once he swallowed the last bite they were on the way back to the dump Jared called home to get things he said he couldn’t live without for two weeks.

Jensen indulged him, but whatever it was he needed, Jensen was sure it should be burned instead of being taken to his apartment.

“Home?” Christian asked once Jared disappeared in the doorway.

“No, he doesn’t know it yet, but I’m keeping him.”

Nodding to the man in the front seat next to him, Christian smiled and informed his boss, “Okay, since I get to break Murray in, I start tonight. Collins here will be your security.”

He was ignoring the blue-eyed Russian on purpose. The quiet but deadly man had risen quickly through the organization's ranks, and Jensen was sure he wouldn’t hesitate to follow an order. If Christian said he was trustworthy, then Jensen didn’t question his loyalty. Before Jensen could give the man his instructions, he was out of the car pointing his gun at an unseen intruder.


“This is my territory, Ackles,” the older man spat at Jensen, embarrassed that he was being held at gunpoint in the middle of the street in his territory. “Why are you slumming?”

“I wanted to see if this was worth taking over,” Jensen lied, “but you’re right, this is more your element than mine.”

“You little shit!” The man snapped.

Jensen just turned his head, no longer interested in the older man whom he realized was just full of bluster. He didn’t even have men around him, so why was he out alone walking in this neighborhood? Aldis Hodge, Pellegrino’s second should be with him, but he was nowhere in sight. Something was amiss, and Jensen would most definitely take advantage. He would take this territory just for shits and giggles.

It would be easy to kill the man right now, but that would start a war for dominance and Jensen would have to spend the next few weeks cleaning this shit up. He had plans for the next two weeks, and they didn’t include quelling gang wars.

“Call of your goon,” Pellegrino asked just short of begging.

He stared at the scene before him and as well as the dark corners and noticed Pellegrino’s men lurking but none came to help. This territory would be his by the end of the week.

“Misha please escort Mr. Pellegrino to his men,” Jensen smirked. “I wouldn’t want anything to happen to him.”

The man was done. Jensen had just humiliated him in front of his men, and Jensen knew that meant the loss of respect. When Misha made it back to the car, Jensen ordered, “have the head of his crew in my office tomorrow afternoon.”

Jared chose that moment to return with a bag and slid into the car unaware of the earlier confrontation with his enemy. Jensen tapped the window signaling Christian to leave.

Jared didn’t need that much from his apartment; he needed time alone to think. Since the moment he foolishly offered himself on a platter to Jensen fucking Ackles he hasn’t had a moment to himself.

As he placed some things in a duffle bag, his survival instincts were screaming at him to run. As a matter of fact, once he’d packed his favorite jeans and some shirts that didn’t look as though they came from the bargain bin at his local thrift store, he was ready.
Part of him hoped that Ackles would change his mind and go to those others he’d mentioned earlier. A glance out of the window told him differently. Not only was the big black SUV still parked out front, but one of the men from the front seat pointing a gun at someone.

Jared wasn’t stupid; he’d lived in enough poor neighborhoods in his life to know that they were dangerous and if he thought otherwise all he needed to do was check out the local news to remind him. However dangerous the neighborhood, he’d never seen someone being held at gunpoint until tonight.

That sight convinced him that he wasn’t going anywhere until his two weeks had been fulfilled or he would suffer that same fate as Chad and that meant dead. His best way was to be what Jensen needed, and that was a fucktoy.

The man was handsome and Jared’s sure that he’d had his share of lovers so it wouldn’t be unpleasant unless the man was kinkier than he looked.

Giving another glance outside, Jared saw that the man was gone so he quickly picked up his bag and ran downstairs before they shot someone. He was sure that Jensen wasn’t aware that he’d seen what happened, but even if the man had, he wasn’t sure if he would have offered comfort or an explanation. After all, he was willing to kill Chad over drugs, would he be willing to kill him for seeing something that he shouldn’t have seen?

Out of self-preservation, Jared remained quiet until they arrived at Jensen's home.

Once they arrived at the house, the dark-haired man who’d been holding the gun followed them inside while the blonde driver parked the SUV.

He hadn’t planned on saying anything then, but he was blown away by the apartment, or rather penthouse. It wasn’t some sleek glass and chrome monstrosity, but neither was it an old-fashioned home with plaid sofas and smelled like a frat house.

The house was a mixture of art deco and modern furniture, and it worked.

“I. I like the furniture, the Art Deco is cool,” Jared tried to connect with the man he was going to have sex with very soon, judging by the bulge in the man’s pants.

The comment earned him a smile. “You know about Art Deco?” Jensen asked raising his eyebrows in surprise.

Blushing, Jared shrugged his shoulders and explained, “I took an art history class and learned about it.”

This conversation must be the weirdest Jared’s ever had before having sex. Of course, Jared’s never offered sex in exchange for someone's life before either, so it was only to be expected.

Jensen didn’t answer, he just smiled.

“Follow me,” Jensen told him and turned and walked down a hall Jared assumed to lead to the bedroom. Once they were in the bedroom, Jensen pointed to a chair in the corner and told him, “place your bag on a chair, and you can shower.”

He was offended and was going to tell the man that he’d had a shower before dinner, but the expression on the man’s face told Jared that it was in his best interest not to argue. Instead, he meekly turned towards the door to clean himself for Jensen.

“Um, towels?”

“Of course,” Jensen said and moved around Jared. In the ensuing bathroom, he showed Jared everything he needed including a robe.

After the shower, Jared donned the robe and walked into the bedroom expecting to find Jensen naked and ready to attack, but he was still in his street clothes. Jared wasn’t a slut by any means, but he’d had enough lovers to know what he was doing but this good-looking man made him nervous and tongue tied as though this was his first time.

It wasn’t as though he wasn’t attracted to the man because, fuck, those lips alone made him hard, it was just he didn’t know what was being expected of him. While Jensen studied him, Jared stood in the middle of the room wondering if he should make the first move.

“You’re not a virgin, are you?” Jensen asked as he stepped up to Jared.

He wanted to lie, to say yes, this was his first time and he needed to be gentle, but once Jensen was buried inside of him he’d know better. It wasn’t that Jared was sloppy loose or anything, but he wasn’t virgin tight either, so he shook his head no.

“Good,” Jensen smiled as he reached forward and untied the belt of the plush robe Jared had used to hide his nakedness. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

Once his nudity was exposed to Jensen’s lust blown green eyes, the older man reached forward and placed his finger at the base of his throat and traced the natural line to the top of Jared’s cock and took it in his hand and began stroking.

It felt amazing, and all Jared could do was tilt his head back, close his eyes and give into the pleasure, but Jensen wasn’t happy with that.

“Open your eyes,” Jensen ordered as he stopped his hand forcing Jared to open his eyes to see why his lover had stopped. “I want you to see who you’re fucking, no trips into your head to trick yourself into believing that you’re doing this for Chad. This cock isn’t hard because you're noble, it’s hard because you want me to throw you on the bed and fuck you senseless.”

Jared opened his eyes and all he could do was beg, “please,” and was grateful when the hand began to move again.

Even though Jensen’s hand was dry, it was soft and firm and was beginning to make Jared lose himself in the pleasure. As he stared in the peridot eyes, Jared realized that it would be so easy to fall for this man and forget that he was here to save his friend's life.

Chad was no longer a part of his thoughts as Jensen slowly worked his cock, making him moan when he flicked a finger over the head and gathered the precome that was oozing from the slit and used it as a lubricant.

“Please,” Jared begged again. He didn’t know what he was begging for, but his knees were getting weak, and soon he would be held up by his dick.

Suddenly the hand was gone, and Jared whined and reached to bring it back to his dick. Why had he stopped? He was looking at Jensen as he demanded, surely he wouldn’t leave him like this.
“Easy, sweetheart,” Jensen husked, “I need to get undressed, so why don’t you wait for me on the bed.”

Jared scrambled away from Jensen and propped himself on the cool sheets and watched as Jensen undressed. Going to strip clubs hadn’t been his thing because he didn’t want to watch what he couldn’t have. However, watching Jensen as he removed each piece of his expensive clothing made him understand the allure.

The shirt came off first, and when the creamy pale skin came into view, Jared sucked in his breath and drew his hands into fists to stop from reaching out and running his fingers over the washboard abs. As he was drooling over the flesh Jensen had exposed, the older man toed off his red bottom shoes and stepped out of his pants.

“Mmm,” Jared moaned as he licked his lips at the sight of the outline of Jensen’s hard dick. As thick fingers hooked inside the black boxer briefs, Jared felt his cock twitch in anticipation of being filled with the monster that sprang from its cloth prison.

Once he was free of his clothes, Jensen stalked towards the bed and situated himself between Jared’s legs. When Jensen leaned forward, Jared canted his hips to meet him, but instead of rubbing against Jared, Jensen reached forward to retrieve something from the pillow behind Jared’s head.

He had grabbed the lube and condoms he’d stashed there presumably while Jared was in the shower. That’s what Jared was going with because he hated the thought that Jensen was so active that he was always prepared.

The thought of him with someone else left an acrid taste in Jared’s mouth. It was as though he was jealous of a man who was essentially a two-week booty call.

Hearing the foil wrapper crinkle as Jensen put it in his mouth to tear it open, Jared unconsciously reached for it and asked, “May I put it on?”

He’s not sure what made him ask, but he suspected it had everything to do with the fact that he wanted to put his hands on that pretty cock. Jensen smiled and removed the prophylactic and placed it his Jared’s hand.

With trembling fingers, Jared placed the condom on the bulbous head and began to roll it out. With each movement, he felt it twitch and jerk in his hand and hurried because he couldn’t wait to feel this inside him. He then reached to cup Jensen’s full balls, but a hand reached out and pulled it away.

Jensen said in a husky voice, “Stop! I want to come inside you, so let’s get you ready.”

Without warning, he flipped Jared over on his stomach, and he heard the snick of the lid and soon felt the cool lubricant as Jensen’s thick finger entered him. It had been a while since he’d last been with someone, so the finger felt a little intrusive, but by the time the third finger was added and stretching him, grazing his prostate, he was a blubbering mess.
This time when Jensen turned him over, it was with more care even with Jared’s unfocused lust filled eyes, he could see that his lover was just as aroused. As the head of Jensen’s cock slide inside him, Jared noticed that his eyes seem to be the only thing to give away what Jensen was feeling.

As Jensen pounded into Jared’s body he looked cool and detached, and Jared wanted to change that, so he wrapped his legs around Jensen’s waist and pulled him close and joined their mouths and ran his hand through the perfectly coifed hair.

That seemed to break something lose inside Jensen; suddenly his hips were moving faster and hitting Jared’s prostate with each stroke, and he was moaning as much as Jared,
“Sogoodsogoodsogood,” Jensen muttered as he fucked Jared into the mattress.

Jared felt his balls tighten and he knew he was close, and as he tightened around Jensen, the older man’s hand reached between them and stroked Jared to completion with Jensen following a few strokes later.

As Jensen tried to catch his breath while now laying next to Jared, the young man took in Jensen’s disheveled look and felt proud because he was sure that he’d done something no one else had accomplished; he made Jensen Ackles lose control.

Jared was still asleep when Jensen rolled out of bed early the next morning. He had a business meeting that he had to deal with, but he loathed having to leave the bed and Jared. He glanced at himself in the mirror and was shocked by the sight that greeted him.

His hair was standing on end; his lips were kiss swollen, and his cheeks flushed from exertion. As he touched his mouth, he tried to remember the last time someone made a mess of him and he couldn’t. The scary thing was he liked the way Jared made him feel.

There was no way Jared was leaving him.

With that thought, he left to make his rounds for the day and when he stepped out of the elevator and into the lobby, Christian was waiting for him at the front door as was Misha.
Before he climbed into the car he instructed Misha; “You’ll stay with Jared today, take him shopping and buy something suitable for someone who’s my companion. Have him dressed accordingly and bring him to meet me for lunch around one at Rosenbaum’s. Charter Street, Christian.”

The car was quiet as Christian guided it towards their destination, however, when he caught a glimpse of Christian’s bloodshot eyes, Jensen smiled and teased smiling at the memory of being buried inside Jared, “Long night?”

“I could ask you the same,” Christian teased back.

Because Christian was a skillful driver and knew the roads, the drive to Charter Street didn’t take long and for that Jensen was thankful. Even though the place didn’t reek of sex like some of the other houses he ran, the knowledge that there was sex on the premise added to the buzz that was going through his body after a night with Jared, had him on edge.
Jared was the reason he was here, or rather Chad was.

He was aware of Christians tastes and Chad hit all his buttons. He’d been able to feel the want from his friend the moment he saw the blonde, but since this was business he couldn’t pursue, but he could break him in.

He bypassed the small office there and went to the room that had been assigned to Chad. The boy seemed no worse for the wear, but he wasn’t concerned about his mental wellbeing, well maybe a little. He needed to make sure that the boy was going to be able to keep his wits about him and if he couldn’t, well, then for a price, he had something to help him through it.

Chad stood at the window, pale and shaking in grey boxer briefs that made his skin looked washed out. When he turned to see, who entered the room, the wide-eyed, scared look eased a little, and Jensen guessed that even though he wasn’t happy to see Jensen, he was relieved to see that it wasn’t Christian.

“You gotta get me out of here,” was Chad’s greeting when Jensen entered the room, “I know I owe you, but please get me out of here.”

Jensen didn’t answer, he just stared at the young man and became angry. There was evidence of Christian on his body. There was the bite mark on his chest, a bruise on his neck and fingerprints around his neck. He had plans to offer the young man up today, but he couldn’t offer damaged goods.

He’d have a word with Christian.

“What seems to be the problem?” He asked knowing what the boy was going to say, so he walked over to a chair in the corner and sat down.

“I’m not gay,” he confided to Jensen as though he wasn’t already aware of that information.

“And what do you propose I do with you?” Jensen asked with an amused smile, “because despite how progressive they are, women don’t usually visit whorehouses.”
Swallowing hard, Chad said, “I can be a runner, or do drop offs, anything but this. Please.”

“Now I can see why Christian wanted you, you beg so prettily, but do you honestly think that I would trust you with product or money? Let’s get real. For what you owe me, you’ll have a year on your back taking all cock that walks through that door.”

“Please,” he begged again.

“It’s nice here Chad, you’ll get free meals, and a clean place to repay what you stole, but if that’s not good enough for you, I can put you on the streets where the clientele isn’t so… kind. It’s your choice Chad.”

He didn’t vocalize his answer; he just nodded his head, and Jensen didn’t like the passive response. Jumping up from the chair, he walked over to the young man and grabbed him by the chin, “You could open your mouth and ask for the drugs you stole, so Chad you will verbalize your answer to me.”

“I’ll stay here,” Chad whispered.

“Good boy,” Jensen smiled and left the young man alone with his misery.

“I have him booked for the rest of the month,” Christian told Jensen before he could say anything about the marks.

“If you continue to mark him, you will continue to book him at a price Sam sets,” Jensen told him before walking to the office to have his weekly meeting with Samantha Ferris to go over the books.

The rest of his morning passed to slowly, he was talking about drugs, rivals, and money when all he wanted was to go back home and bury himself in Jared’s tight body.

He couldn’t stomach another diner, so he chose an upscale steakhouse as a compromise to the cheap foods that Jared liked and the fine dining he preferred. When Misha escorted Jared into the restaurant, Jensen fell for the boy all over again.

He was wearing fitted dark designer jeans with a pink button-down and a dark blue blazer. His hair had been trimmed to frame his face instead of falling into his eyes. He looked so good Jensen wanted to bend him over the table and stake his claim in from of everyone, but instead he smiled and adjusted his cock that was now straining against the zipper.

Despite the lust setting him on fire, when Jared sat across from him, Jensen said, “You look nice.”

When Jared blushed at the compliment, Jensen decided that even if it was to tell him that he liked the way he breathed, he was going to shower that boy with compliments to get that reaction.

“Thank you, but if you keep feeding me like this, you’ll have wasted your money because I’ll get fat. If that happens, then you’ll have to buy more clothes and not want me any longer.”
“I don’t think they’ll ever be a time that I don’t want you, Jared,” Jensen murmured, “you’ll always be gorgeous to me.”

A slight nod from Jensen bought the waiter to the table to take their orders, and Jensen watched as Jared studied the menu. He could tell the man was struggling with the choices and it was sweet to watch. Other than Christian and those in his inner circle, Jensen can’t remember the last time someone put that much consideration into his feelings.

“There are no prices, and I don’t want to break you,” Jared told him. He then wrinkled his nose and said, “Oh my God, I have the girls’ menu, I’m not a girl!”

Clearing his throat, Jensen husked, “Order what you want, I assure you I can afford it. And, no, you’re definitely not a girl and my vivid memory of last night reminds me that you’re not female, but you are my date.”

There was a struggle on Jared’s face telling Jensen that he wasn’t sure that he should obey Jensen’s wish, so he decided to make it easier for his date. Keeping in mind Jared’s choices at the diner, Jensen ordered their food and kept it simple with a meal Jared wouldn’t have trouble eating, steak and potatoes.

“So how was your morning with Misha?” Jensen asked as he sipped the wine the waiter suggested, “did you find what you needed?”

“Yeah,” Jared sighed. “This is only for two weeks, yet you’ve spent more on me today than I made last year.

“Don’t read more into the situation than there is,” Jensen warned, “The clothes you had would not be suitable for our outings. I was simply protecting my image; besides, you look almost as good in them as you do naked.”

There was that blush again.

The beautiful thing about it was that Jensen knew the blush covered his boy’s entire body. To stop himself from jumping over the table and taking him right there, he took another sip of wine hoping to swallow some of the lust that was taking over. Of course, it didn’t help that he saw the same lust reflected in Jared’s ever changing eyes.

This meal was different than the previous meal because there wasn’t the tension of the unknown. There was tension, but it was more delicious because both men knew what the outcome of the evening was going to be. Because Jensen did know what to expect making the anticipation delicious, the older man forced the lust down and talked to Jared.

“So how did you end up working in the midway of a carnival,” he asked Jared. When he was younger and he and had his first real money to spend, he and Chris would go to the mall, and he would stare at the pretty boys folding shirts in one of his favorite stores. Jared reminded him of those boys, not the hardened workers at a carnival.

“Survival,” Jared bit out, “how does someone like you end up a crime boss?”

“Survival,” Jensen responded.

Once he realized that his comment placed him in danger, Jared’s eyes stretched owlishly large, and he stuttered, “I. I didn’t mean…”

“Yes you did,” Jensen corrected him. Jared was going to say something else, but Jensen cut him off, “stop while you’re ahead, Jared. You’re in a position that I don’t offer most people, hell I don’t offer anyone, but if you keep using that smart-ass mouth, I’ll send you to one of my whore houses and be done with you.”

“You would whore me out?” Jared whispered in disbelief.

“I would want to, but I’d slit the throat of the first son of a bitch who tried to touch you, so use that pretty mouth just for sucking my cock, and we’ll get along fine.”

Jared was quiet for the rest of their lunch, and that’s not what Jensen wanted, but he wasn’t going to apologize. Jared needed to learn his place and Jensen enjoyed the thought of putting him there, but that would have to wait. Once lunch was over, Jensen left with Christian and Jared with Misha back to the apartment.

The conversation at lunch angered Jensen, who the fuck did Jared think he was or did he not realize who Jensen was. As he thought about it, it seemed that Jared did know who Jensen was, but he was also aware that Jensen wanted him so badly that he would take the sass and the only punishment was a good fucking.

Business interrupted his plans when Sam called him because there was an issue she wasn’t sure if it sat well with Jensen and she wanted to clear it with Jensen. He understood her hesitation with whatever was bothering her, because even though she saw herself as Jensen’s surrogate mother if she dicked around with his books he would become an orphan because he wouldn’t hesitate to kill her.

It turned out her problem was with Christian’s obsession with Chad. While it wasn’t unusual for one of his men to break in a new worker, Christian was booking all of Chads time and she wanted to clear this with Jensen.

“Seems Christian’s in love,” Jensen chuckled. “but Chad owes me so he must work it off with his ass, so if Christian is willing to buy Chad’s contract, then let him, but you set the price.”

After his meeting with Sam, and learning that Christian was still the only client Chad had entertained, and he needed to put a stop to that. If all Christian wanted was a fuck, then this wouldn’t bode well for Chad. Jensen was worried that when the blonde had to take his first real client, he was going to freak out and that could cost him business.

Discussing Christian’s obsession with Chad was not a conversation he would have in front of Sam. He trusted the woman, but Christian was family and he would take care of this problem in private. As he slid into the back seat of the SUV, there were two large bundles of cash on the seat.

“I saw the books, this is the balance of Chad’s contract,” Christian informed him letting Jensen know that he’d anticipated the conversation.

“He’s not gay Christian, when you tell him that you’ve paid his contract he’ll leave,” Jensen informed him as he placed his hand on the money.

“Who said I’m going to tell him?” Christian asked before pulling away from the curb.

All Jensen could do was smile, it seemed that Christian had found someone he wanted to keep as well. Watching Christian navigate his way around Chad was going to be interesting.

Jared walked into the apartment and let out a shaky breath. He’d half expected Misha to take him to one of Jensen’s whore houses and breathed a sigh of relief when he stepped inside the apartment. Even when he went to the bedroom he shared with a man he’d met the day before; he still wasn’t sure what Jensen had planned for him.

His instinct was to run, but he knew that would be worse. Even if they couldn’t find him, they still could take out their anger on Chad and Jared knew that he couldn’t live with himself if Chad died because of him.

What the fuck was he supposed to do? He hadn’t felt this shitty since his parents kicked him out of the house because he told them he was gay. He’d been a meal away from working the streets Jensen threatened to make him work on, but he’d been lucky.
He found Chad.

Together they’d worked dead end jobs hoping that they could have made it on their own. They were doing well until one of Chad’s girlfriends introduced him to heroin and set him on a path that led straight to Jensen fucking Ackles.

Everyone on the streets knew who Ackles was; he was a baby-faced killer who had old timers like Mark Pellegrino on the west side and the Brit Mark Sheppard on the east side shaking in their thousand dollar boots. They should because Jensen came in and took territory that belonged to them and was scrambling to get it back.

It seemed the more they challenged him, the more territory he took and it was just because they pissed him off. His people were loyal to him and when he stole members of both older men's crews they were loyal as well. Where Pellegrino and Sheppard’s men changed often, Ackles had almost the same crew since the day he came on the scene.

Despite knowing what he knew about Jensen, he wanted him. He’s been walking around half hard since he met the man and that was true the night he watched Misha hold a gun to a rival’s head. If he knew what Jensen did and who he was and still wanted him, what did that say about him?

Self-analyzing didn’t matter; he wanted to make sure that Jensen wasn’t mad at him and when he came to the apartment, he would take him with the same passion as he had last night.
There wasn’t much to do in the apartment, well he wasn’t sure if there was, Jared was just too scared to touch anything to find out. After his shopping spree with Misha, the bodyguard took his duffel and threw it in a closet, so Jared fished it out and retrieved his small tablet.

The tablet was a big purchase for him, and he’d saved to purchase it at the local pawn shop; it's not a named brand, and it couldn’t do half of what he wanted, but it was all he could afford, and it would have to do for now.

He clicked on apps that pre-Jensen would hold his attention, but tonight he worried about Jensen’s anger, and he wanted to call Chad to see if his friend was doing okay, but he was scared to do that as well.

Would Chad even be able to talk to him?

After placing his bag back into the closet, Jared fished his phone from his pocket and scrolled through until he found Chad’s number. As it rang he compared it to the smart phone Jensen carried and sighed. He had some access to the internet, but he had to be careful with his data.

“Chad, this is Jared, call me when you get this message,” he gave a deep sigh before continuing, “I need to know that you’re okay.”
He had so much to say, but he kept the message short for fear that Chad would somehow be punished for trying to make contact. Jensen never said that he couldn’t, but he also hadn't said that he could either.

Because he was scared to touch anything, nor was there a television, Jared spent the rest of the day on the tablet and checking his phone making sure that he hadn’t missed a call from Chad. Or Jensen.

He wasn’t sure what kind of hours Jensen kept, but he had to come home so Jared went to the kitchen to see what it offered. He’d often heard his mother tell his sister that the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach so he searched the refrigerator to decide what to prepare for dinner.

It wouldn’t be that high-end shit that looked more like art than food, but it would be filling. He was surprised that there was actual food in the freezer and took out a chicken to defrost. He made mouth-watering fried chicken; he just hoped Jensen would eat it.

They were going to need more than chicken, but there wasn’t a lot to choose from, but then he remembered, Misha. Jensen said that if he needed something then tell Misha, so he wrote a grocery list and gave it to the blue-eyed goon and waited to see what would happen.

Misha never left his post, yet thirty minutes later he entered the kitchen with everything Jared had written on the list.

With dinner decided he went back to the bedroom and fiddled around with his tablet until he fell asleep.

“If you were naked, this would be the best thing I’ve ever come home to,” a husky voice woke him.
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