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Fic Title: The prints of its handlers part 2 Timestamp to Alaska
Author: [ profile] cillab42
Fandom/Genre: RPS
Pairing(s): Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 22k
Warnings: underage (Jared is 16) a/b/o, werewolves, bottom!jared, mentions of mpreg,

Summary: Jared has accepted his role as Jensen's mate until he found out he's left out a few details. Like pregnancy. Thanks [ profile] masja_17 for the beta. Any mistakes found are my own.

Jared and Jensen belong to themselves just borrowing their likeness.

Jared tried not to let his fear show, after all here he was locked in his bedroom with an Alpha who wasn’t his mate. Taking deep breaths, he calmed himself down because the last thing he needed was Jensen coming back and fighting his brother because he was being overprotective.

“What are you talking about?” he asked in an attempt to feign ignorance.

“You know what the hell I’m talking about,” Jeff growled reminding him of Jensen because he was being both protective and threatening. “You were human when you left for Alaska. What happened were you attacked?”

“No - No I was not attacked,” Jared assured his brother. He left out the part where he nearly was attacked the first time he and Jensen met. That was a story for another day. “Jensen recognized me as his Omega and has treated me with nothing but respect. I was the one who initiated the change, not Jensen.”
Scenting the air, Jeff stated, “You’re pregnant.”

“Yes,” Jared blushed because he was embarrassed to admit that plus, it made him feel like a girl. “Jensen, my Alpha, brought me here to see everyone before I began to show.”

“Why is the bastard not here with you to face mom and dad?” Jeff fumed. “You shouldn’t have to face them alone!”

“He is here, just not here, here and besides there is no way I can tell mom that I’m a werewolf let alone that I’m preg… wait do they know what you are? Is that why you think I should tell them?”

“As far as I know they don’t know, but the gene runs in our family so it stands to reason that you could be someone’s mate and I could be a were.”

Jared was going to comment, but then something his brother said caught his attention, Jeff had been born a were. His parents had to know. They might not be shifters but if their child was born a shifter then they had to know. After his conversation with the doctor, Jensen and Danneel, Jeff would have been born as a pup, not a human baby. They knew and didn’t tell their children.

He was sure that neither of his parents were shifters because he would have known that () moment he saw them again and they would have recognized the change in him as well, perhaps the gene skipped a generation, but which side of the family carried the gene?

“What are we gonna do?” He asked Jeff, “it’s obvious that they aren’t going to tell us.”

All of his life Jared had looked up to his big brother for answers but for the first time Jeff didn’t have an answer for him and what was worse, he was searching for his own. If Jeff didn’t know what to do, Jared sure as hell didn’t.


“My Alpha,” Jared told his brother. “My Alpha will know what to do. We can call him…”

“Seems as though he’s already been here tonight,” Jeff snarked as he scented the room. “He not supposed to be anything other than a friend of Jeff’s, so if he comes back tonight mom and dad will be suspicious.”

“If he comes back tonight I can’t say that I won’t leave with him,” Jared muttered in a joking manner but the truth was if Jensen came back, then Jared would leave with him because he couldn’t watch his mate walk away again. “Look we can go to is hotel tomorrow and see what he says.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Jeff agreed and made to leave the room. Stopping at the door he gave a lopsided grin and said, “by the way, congratulations on your mating and the baby.”

“Thanks,” Jared blushed.

There was one more thing that was wondering around in his head and he had to know, “What about Meggie?” Jared asked holding his breath. He wasn't sure if his little sister Meghan knew or if she was a shifter as well.

He wouldn’t be upset if his sister was a shifter, that would make it easier to confront his parents, but he needed to know. She was on a trip with school so she wasn’t home when he arrived and that’s why he didn’t know.

“No,” she’s human,” Jeff advised him.

“Okay, so it’s just you and me then. We’ll figure it out tomorrow.

Author: [ profile] cillab42
Fandom/Genre: RPS
Pairing(s): Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 22k
Warnings: underage (Jared is 16) a/b/o, werewolves, bottom!jared, mentions of mpreg,

Summary: Jared has accepted his role as Jensen's mate until he found out he's left out a few details. Like pregnancy. Thanks [ profile] masja_17 for the beta. Any mistakes foun are my own.

Jared and Jensen belong to themselves just borrowing their likeness.

When the door closed behind his brother Jared slid back under the covers and dreamed of his mate.

The next morning at breakfast, Jared looked at his parents in a new light. He wondered what they knew or if they knew, but there was no way they missed having a little pup instead of a human baby. If he were brave he’d just confront them but there was Meghan to consider. She was human of that Jared was almost positive, and if he began spouting off accusations of werewolves, he’s sure his baby sister would think that he was crazy.
This would be the perfect time to discuss the fact that there were shifters in their family lineage but neither Jared or Jeff were sure how to broach the subject with their parents.

“I can’t believe that I have both of my boys’ home at the same time,” Sherri gushed as they sat around the breakfast table. “What are your plans for today?”

“Well, we’re gonna go visit some of our old stomping grounds, and In and Out Burger is definitely on that list.”

“I can fix lunch for you two,” Sherri chided, “you don’t have to east fast food.”

“Leave them alone Sherri, they’ve both been gone a while and they want to spend time together. It's been a long time since they've been together. You’ll have plenty of time to fatten them up.”

Jared tried to feel guilty about ditching his parents but he was going to see Jensen and the only emotion he felt was joy. During the ride to the hotel his leg jumped with nervous anticipation. He told Jeff what hotel Jensen had checked into and stared out the window watching the world pass by.

“Do you remember the time you and Chad went to Six Flags where you kissed Sandy for the first time?”

“Yeah,” Jared answered wondering why Jeff was bringing that up.”

“Well you’re acting like that now, so I can’t wait to meet the person who has you this excited,” Jeff laughed.

“Yuck it up all you want, but just wait until you find your mate and you have to be away from them.”

“Unlike you, I’ve been in love before, so I’ll be okay,” he laughed.

“Not the same thing,” Jared shook his head, “I thought I was in love with Sandy, but that’s nothing compared to what I feel about Jensen. I feel him in my bones, in my soul. If he’s upset I can feel it. It’s like home.”

“You’re newly mated so of course you feel that way, give it time and the newness wears off, you’ll calm down.”

“I can’t wait for you to meet your mate then we’ll see if the newness wears off.”

When the hotel came into view Jared’s leg began to jump more because he could feel Jensen’s presence. He wanted to tell Jeff to hurry, but short of running, they couldn’t get there any faster but he tried. As Jeff ambled through the lobby Jared ran and entered the elevator not bothering to wait for his brother, he had to get to his mate.

As the elevator doors slid open Jensen’s presence was an almost tangible thing so much so that Jared could feel his mate in his bones. Even if he didn’t know the room number, his instincts would have led him to the room. He had lifted his hand to knock on the door when it flew open and Jensen pulled him inside.

Jared had the ghost of a kiss on his hungry lips when Jensen pulled away and growled, “why do you smell like another Alpha?”

“It’s my brother,” Jared whined as he searched for his mate’s mouth. When Jensen was satisfied that Jared was telling the truth he gave Jared the kiss he’d been wanting.

“Well you’re most definitely not sixteen,” Jeff drawled from the doorway after catching up with his brother.

“Neither are you, and if you weren’t his brother I’d be handing you your ass right now for scenting my mate.”

“He didn’t scent me, Jensen,” Jared tried to calm his mate down. He knew that he hadn’t been scented because one thing he’d learned since being claimed is that the only way he could be scented was with his brothers come, and that was just ewww. “I would have known if he rubbed come on me.”

“Then why don’t you know?”

“Jeff, tell him…” but the sheepish grin on his brother’s face told him that Jeff had somehow scent- marked him. “When-how?”

“This morning at breakfast. We don’t know who’s were and who’s not and I wanted to make sure that you were protected.”

“He wears my scent so he’s protected,” Jensen snarled as he pushed Jared behind him. “Worry about your own mate and let me worry about mine.”

“First of all I don’t have a mate, and if you were being a good mate then Jared wouldn’t have to face our parents alone.”

“You tell them what you are now? Did you tell them that you’ve been claimed?”

“He wasn’t claimed,” Jared informed Jensen since Jeff seemed hell bent on antagonizing Jensen instead of telling him the truth. “He was born were but mom and dad didn’t tell him. He – how did you find out?”

“I’ve been on a steroid for my asthma since I was about six or seven, and when I was your age I had to have a physical to play football and the doctor told me that I didn’t have asthma, so I stopped taking the medicine, two days later I popped a knot and it scared the shit out of me.”

“They had you on suppressants,” Jensen advised him. “They’re used to suppress heats in Omegas and ruts in Alphas. We need to have a talk with your parents.”

“Can we wait before we do?” Jared begged using his puppy dog eyes on both Alphas. “If we have this conversation before the end of our two weeks then it’s going to ruin the time we have together as a family.”

“That’s fine with me,” Jensen agreed to Jared's request, but then Jared knew that Jensen would give in. It was that look of defiance and anger in his brother’s eyes that had him worried.
“No,” Jeff shook his head, “they’ve lied to me and had me believing that I was crazy and when I popped my knot I thought that I had cancer so they have a lot to answer to.”

Stepping from behind Jensen, Jared touched his brothers arm, “I know that you’re upset, but think of Meggie. You’ve been wandering to who knows where and I'm in Alaska, and she finally has us all back together and you want to ruin it when we can wait a couple of weeks.”

Jeff still wore that look of defiance before he nodded in agreement, “I’ll wait if you go see Mrs. Murray.”

Jared blanched at the thought of going to see his best friend’s mom, and he was shocked that Jeff would use her as blackmail. The answer should have been easy, protect Meghan, but the thought of seeing the hatred in the eyes of Chads mom made him hesitate.

“Are you that scared that you’d sacrifice Meggie happiness and wellbeing,” Jeff sneered and shrugged his shoulders. “I'm willing to go home right now and confront mom and dad right now because Meggie will have to learn what's going on, but I’m willing to wait, but if you’re too scared, then …”

“Don’t threaten him,” Jensen warned as he attempted to put Jared behind him, “I’m not a pup and I’ll hand you your ass if you don't back down.”

“Jensen, no!” Jared pulled his angry mate away from his brother. “Please don't.”

Jared’s not sure how this happened, his brother and his mate about to come to blows over is cowardice. All he wanted was answers and to be with Jensen and now it’s morphed into a turf war. Despite his brother’s height and size, Jared was sure that it would be Jensen who would be the victor.

“He just wants me to do something that I should have done before I came to Alaska, it may seem easy to you but it terrifies me.”

“Then he should fucking find a better way of convincing you,” Jensen snarled, his eyes never once leaving Jeff.

“He’s my brother…”

“And he’s my mate. He bears my mark and soon my child so you have no goddamned right to make choices for him. And just so you know, brother or not, threatening him is a good way to get your throat ripped out.”

“Point taken,” Jeff acquiesced through pursed lips. “I just want him to see that he’s hurting her. And just so you both know, if he doesn’t go see her, then I’ll confront mom and dad on my own.”

“You have no right to do that Jeff, that’s my story to tell,” Jared pleaded.

“Yours isn’t the only chapter in this story. I’ll let you tell your part, but I’ll confront them about me.”

“Why’d you even come here?” Jensen asked “You’ve got it all figured out, emotionally blackmailing your brother. Just so you know, the jury’s still out on kicking your ass pup.”

“Look, I didn’t come here to start trouble with you or with Jared. I - we were looking for answers and Jared figured that you might be able to help, because God knows that I feel lost.”

“Let’s clear up the situation with Jared first; he is my priority before you or anyone else, understood?”

“Yeah,” Jeff nodded before asking his brother, “Well, Jared what’s it gonna be?”

Jared let out a sigh of relief it was great to know that his mate and his brother weren’t going to come to blows over him. Now that it was settled between the two, the ball was now in his court, go see Chad’s mother or let Jeff confront their parents before the end of his stay.

“Does it have to be today?” Jared asked in a small voice.

“No it doesn’t,” Jensen cut off any response that Jeff might have made. “It seems that this is something that you need to do, but know that you won’t be alone when you do.”
“I was going to be there with you,” Jeff told Jared. “I never would have let you face that alone.”

“Thanks,” Jared gave his brother a watery smile.

“I'm here with him so he doesn’t need you,” Jensen snapped.

“He’s just being a big bother,” Jared defended his brother. “He understands that you’re my Alpha, he just wants me to know that he’s there for me as well.”

Jared knew that he needed to diffuse the battle of wills between the Alphas and he prayed that his brother would agree with what he’d told his mate and not aggravate Jensen further. Despite Jeff being an Alpha, he was still a pup as far as Jensen’s concerned.

“Yeah,” Jeff agreed. “I wasn’t here when Chad died, but I can be here for him now but I don’t want to usurp your role as his Alpha.”

When Jensen nodded his head in agreement, Jared breathed a sigh of relief.

“I'm hungry, which of you are gonna feed me?” Jared attempted to change the subject. One thing he’s learned about being an Omega is that an Alpha would kill himself to please his Omega and if using the means stopping a fight between his Alpha and his brother, then he’ll use it.

Lunch was a local steakhouse where the three of them amazed the server with the amount of food they put away. The three of them were laughing and having a good time, too good of a time because in Jared’s experience when he was enjoying himself, someone always came to ruin it.

The halt to his carefree afternoon came in the form of two of his former classmates, Dick and Rob. They like Chad had grown up with Jared and he’d considered them friends until Chad’s death when they like everyone else blamed Jared for their friend’s death.

“Chad’s not cold in his grave and you’re celebrating his death,” Dick Speight sneered as he came up to the table.

“Yeah, I guess he’s spending that fat insurance check he received from the accident,” Rob Benedict added. “I hope killing your friend paid well.”

And just like that all of the happiness of the day dissipated.

“Whoa boys, that's a bit harsh don’t you think?” Jeff defended his brother. “The police determined that the drunk driver who slammed into them was at fault, so why are you blaming Jared for Chad’s death?”

“People saw what happened,” Rob insisted, “so we know that Jared was at fault.”

“How could people see what happened when the only people who were there were in the cars?” Jeff asked. “Do you even care how fucking stupid you sound?”

“Hey, that’s enough,” Henry Speight intervened, “You should know better than arguing with a teenager, you’re and adult”

“I’m only two years older than them,” Jeff started.

“Still and adult,” he interrupted while his son and his friend stood back with smug smiles on their faces.

“You’re an adult as well,” Jensen interjected, “so perhaps you should teach your child that it can be costly to you and your wife to spread rumors - no make that lies about people. The police determined that Jared’s accident was the other drivers fault, that Jared was not intoxicated, so the fact that your son and his friend are saying otherwise is a defamation lawsuit waiting to happen.”

Never before had Jared loved Jensen more. This was the first time that anyone had stood up for him in this manner. His brother had been gone and his parents had told him that it would go away. He supposed they believed that until he was beaten within an inch of his life.

“Who are you?” Henry asked. “I don’t recall meeting you before.”

“Doesn’t matter who I am,” Jensen replied smoothly, “just know that if your son insists on defaming this young man I can and I will aid the Padalecki’s in getting legal justice. Hell, since you don’t mind spreading rumors, perhaps we’ll start one saying that your son and his friends are the ones who viscously attacked Jared?”

“That wasn’t us, that was Jake Abel,” Dick blurted out.

“Oh so you knew who was responsible, yet when the police questioned you, you lied?” Jensen asked. “You were supposed to be his friend yet when he needed your support you turned on him. Trust me I will be getting this information to the police,” Jensen assured them.

“We do not want trouble, they’re just kids, “Henry attempted to placate Jensen. “Perhaps we can settle this matter outside of court?”

“Tell the police what you know. You’re upsetting Jared so just leave us.”

“Thank you,” Jared whispered when the trio has moved on.

“Thank you for what?” Jensen asked confused.

“For defending me. I mean you pretended that you knew about the case and convinced him that you were going to take legal action, so thank you.”
“That wasn’t pretense, Jared. I learned about what happened to you from the moment I met you. Someone hurt you and they need to pay. They will pay. Trust me on that.”

“How do we do that?” Jeff asked before turning to his brother, “I didn’t know it was that bad, kiddo, or I would have come home.”

“I know, but mom and dad didn’t believe me so I didn’t expect you to believe met either. Can we go? That kinda ruined the afternoon for me.”

Jensen looked as though he wanted to argue, but Jared’s sad face made him keep his mouth shut. The great thing about being around so long is that you know people in high places, and his parents were some of those people. They would see that their son’s mate received the justice he deserved.

Signaling the waiter, Jensen wanted to get Jared out of the restaurant and put a smile back on his face. He’d had a lot of shit thrown at him and he was still strong, but he didn’t have to be strong if he didn’t want to now because Jensen was more than willing to share the burden.

“Your check has been taken care of,” the server told him when Jensen asked for the check.

If that was supposed to be a bribe to stop Jensen from helping Jared. then it fell short. Leaving the server a generous tip, Jensen walked Jared out the door.

The jovial mood they had from the hotel to the restaurant was gone once they were in the car, and with no particular destination in mind the three of them just drove around. Jensen was mad because he could feel the sadness from Jared emanating through their bond and there wasn’t a fucking thing he could do about it.

He tried to tamper down the anger because he didn’t want Jared to think that the anger was being directed towards him.

“May we go to the… To see Chad?” Jared asked softly. “Need to see him.”

Jeff’s eyes found Jensen’s in the rear view mirror and he nodded his consent. He appreciated that Jeff recognized that's he was Jared’s Alpha and asked his permission before driving to the cemetery. If visiting the garden of stones would lessen the stress he felt coming from his mate, then to the cemetery they will go.

Jensen had Jeff stop at a florist for flowers, he sensed Jared stress for not having anything to place on the grave. Coming home was supposed to be a good thing for Jared, but he’s been nothing but stressed since he arrived. It would be a long time before they came back to Texas.

Upon their arrival, again relying on their bond, Jensen knew that Jared needed this time alone, so Jensen held Jeff back.

“Why didn’t you go with him?” Jeff asked s they watched Jared walk towards Chad’s grave.

“This is something that he needs to do on his own. I think that at the funereal he was still in shock when Chad was gone so suddenly, but this time he will be able to say goodbye in the way that he needs to.”

Trying to take in his surroundings Jensen noticed how the graveyard was set up like a park, it would be a nice place to visit except for the headstones. There was a memorial bench near Chad’s grave that Jared took advantage of, putting his back to the woods that were just at the edge of the boneyard.

He was crying when he came back to the car and Jensen hated it, because soon he was going to have to go back to his parents, a place where he couldn’t help ease the pain of this day. He held out his arms and Jared walked into them.

“Wanna go for a run,” he murmured into Jared’s ear.

“Where?” Jared asked looking around. Surely he didn’t mean…

Jensen could feel the anticipation strumming through Jared’s body at the mention of a run. In Alaska they could just step out their door and shift without prying eyes, but here in they had to be careful.

“There,” Jensen nodded towards the woods behind them. “We can undress there and go for a run. I think all of us needs a run right now.”

“Yeah, we do,” Jeff agreed as he walked into the woods ahead of them and began disrobing once he was deep enough not to be seen by anyone passing by.

He thought about it, but it was just woods and not a part of the cemetery. Shrugging his shoulders, Jared followed his brother and quickly undressed as well. Instead of putting their clothes on the ground like Jeff, they found a tree to place their clothes in. Experience has taught them that nosey creatures can run away or do damage to unprotected clothes.
Jeff looked at them puzzled but mimicked their actions.

For the first time the brothers saw each other’s wolf, Jeff being an Alpha was much larger than Jared but not as big a Jensen. He postured around Jared in age old courting gestures amusing Jensen with his actions. He knew Jeff wasn’t trying to court Jared, he was just showing off to his little brother.

Jensen watched as they admired each other’s wolf and learned one another’s smell before Jeff’s huge wolf went down on his front legs with his tail up in the air signaling that he wanted to play and Jared was off.

Of course Jensen and Jeff were going to chase him, Alphas would always chase after an Omega.

With all of the changes in the past few months, this is the first time that Jensen and Jared had taken time to actually have fun. The three of them ran through the woods chasing one another ducking behind trees and pouncing on one another.

They needed to do more of this, he and Jared just letting loose and feeling free. The woods extended further than Jensen had thought so it gave them more time to play. If Jeff hadn’t accompanied them, the day would have ended differently because he would have taken Jared right there on the forest floor so he had to be content with the chase and not the catch.

It was getting dark when they called it quits. In their wolf form their eyes would adjust to the darkness and give them perfect night vision, but they were parked in a cemetery and it would be awkward if the police came looking for them and only found clothes and three wolves.

Once they were dressed, they were soon on their way to Jensen's hotel.

“Can’t we come up with a reason to invite Jensen to dinner?” Jared asked. “I don’t want you to have to spend the night alone.”

“I know baby, but when you and Jeff talk to your parents I’ll be there then and you won’t have to worry about me being alone.”

“But that’s over a week,” Jared complained.

“We’ll figure out a way for you an Jensen to find some alone time together,” Jeff promised. “Take the time to spend with mom and dad,” Jeff encouraged. “Remember it will be some time before you see them again. You’ll spend your entire life with Jensen.”

The fact that Jared was concerned about him made his chest tight. He didn’t want to spend this time alone either, but he knew that sometimes you had to make sacrifices. Jared was too young to understand that and to be honest, he was surprised that Jeff did, but his mate’s brother was a good ally. It would make things difficult if he had to fight both of the Padalecki brothers.

The car was silent when they pulled in front of the hotel, and Jensen could tell that Jared was trying to be strong, but the tears running down his cheeks gave him away.

“I’ve got an errand to run,” Jeff broke the tension, “Jared why don’t you walk Jensen up to his room and I’ll be back in thirty minutes.”

Jensen was going to have to find a way to repay Jeff for putting that smile back on Jared’s face.

Jeff had barely made the offer before Jared had jumped out of the car and following Jensen to the elevator where he tucked the young man into his side.
There wasn’t much time so there would be no knotting and to be honest not much else, but that contact is what they needed and they had time for that. When Jensen sent his mate back to his parents, he wouldn’t be so jittery and nervous.

God he couldn’t wait until they were back in Alaska because he would spend the night with his mate and not watch him leave each night.

Not wanting to start something that they couldn’t finish, Jensen pulled Jared onto the bed with him and tucked him under his chin and relished the closeness. When Jared’s breathing slowed down. He looked down at his mate. “Don’t fall asleep, I don’t want your parents storming in here to defend your honor,” he teased.

“Not sleeping, just comfortable,” Jared corrected him with a yawn.
“I thought this would be easy,” Jensen murmured. “Leaving you with your parents, but it’s been one goddamned night and I’m climbing the walls without you.”

“Then let me stay,” Jared begged as he rubbed his cock against Jensen’s leg.

“Unless you’re ready to confront your parents then stop,” Jensen snapped as he rolled away from Jared. “You’re sixteen years old and were laws don’t apply here in Texas, so unless you’re ready for me to go to jail, then stop Jared. Please.”

The thirty minutes flew by and Jeff was there to take Jared away. Jensen refused to say home because home was the Alaskan bush where he and Jared would raise their family out of the eyes of humans.

Jensen could be patient, after all he'd waited decades for his mate so a couple weeks should be a cake walk. Except it wasn’t. It was easy to wait for something you’ve never had but once you’ve had it, tasted the sweetness that was your mate, it was like a junkie needing a fix and hard to let go.

Everything was the same as it had been when he’d left his house this morning with Jeff, but now pulling into the driveway of the home he’d grown up in was hard. Jared because he’d left his heart at the hotel and he wanted to go get it. But Jensen would just send him back to his parents.

With a heavy sigh Jared slid out of the car and walked inside where he was tackled by his younger sister, Megan.

“Jared!” she screamed “I can’t believe you’re here. I begged mom and dad to let me skip the trip because both of my big brothers were home but they wouldn’t let me,” she complained as she flicked her tongue at Sherri.

“Watch yourself young lady,” Sherri threatened with a smile. “Be careful tackling your brother like that, remember he’s still recovering.”

Jared gave his mother a tight smile as though to say thanks. What he was really thanking her for was mentioning his supposed injuries because he hadn’t had to pretend all day and had forgotten that he’s still supposed to be hurt.
“You must have missed me if you were willing to forfeit a trip to Six Flags to see me.” He smiled and hugged her before turning to his mother. “Something smells good, mom what's for dinner?” Jared asked as he limped over to give her a hug.

“Your favorite, broccoli and rice casserole,” she smiled.

That was his favorite dish, meat and potatoes and cheese who could ask for more? He hasn’t had it since he’s been in Alaska and taking over the cooking for him and Jensen.

“How do you make that mom?” He tried to ask in a nonchalant manner.

“Are you cooking J.T.?” She asked reverting to his childhood nickname.

“Trying to don’t you mean?” Jeff laughed as he tried to snag a tomato from the salad his mom was preparing.

“Stop being an ass,” Jared popped his brother’s hand. “I just want to learn to make it since mom’s not there…”

“That’s right Jeff, your brother is learning to be independent. Don’t worry honey, I’ll get you some easy recipes that you can prepare with no trouble at all,” his mother beamed before checking the oven for the homemade rolls.

“Jensen’ll sure appreciate it,” Jeff muttered under his breath.

“Shut up,” was the only retort he could come up with because he was thinking how much Jensen would appreciate meals that weren’t breakfast or came out of a can.

Dinner was everything Jared remembered them to be, each person telling about their day with Megan being the most excited. She shared her news about making the junior varsity cheer squad for next year and everything it entailed.

For a moment Jared let the thrumming in his body that was begging for his mate go and enjoyed his time with his family. He and Jeff had the same story, but their parents and Meghan enjoyed hearing their different versions because they each highlighted different point of the same day.

The rest of the week went the same with each night ending with the three of them running through the woods. Each day he talked to Chad telling him about his life in Alaska and Jensen and how he was afraid to go see his mother. God, there weren't enough words to tell him about Jensen, but each night he talked to his friend in his mind he could hear Chad calling him a girl.

Halfway through the second week the three of them were stumbling out of the woods laughing and still high on the adrenaline from chasing one another when Jared noticed a figure at Chad’s grave. He knew who the person was but he didn’t want their meeting to be like this.

Sarah Murray.

“Jared?” She asked in surprise.

“Yes, ma'am,” he answered because through their bond he could feel Jensen’s wolf ready to attack whatever was causing Jared stress, but he stopped short when he saw the older woman.

“Chad’s mom,” he heard Jeff tell Jensen.

“I heard you were in town,” she smiled at him. “I know that things are rough with your friends, but I thought that you would come and see me.”

“I.” Jared started as he tried to find a way to explain why he hadn't been to see her. “I was coming, it’s just…”

“I know Jared. It’s not fair they way your friends are treating you, but surely you didn’t think that I felt that way?”

Instead of answering Jared dropped his head forward and let his bangs cover his eyes.
“Jared sweetie,” she admonished as she moved towards him, tilted his head up and moved those bangs from his eyes eliciting a growl from Jensen. “Surely you know that I didn't blame you.”

“He thinks that he’s at fault and you’ll hate him,” Jeff explained for his brother so Jensen wouldn’t attack their friend. “I’ve told him over and over again, but he’s convinced himself that he’s at fault.”

“No Jared! Never once did I think you were at fault. The driver who hit you, his blood alcohol was three times over the legal limit. Read the report, it proves that you did nothing wrong. The only thing that makes me angry with you is that you didn’t come and visit me. I felt as though I lost both of my boys that night.”

Seeing her cry made Jared feel guilty for a different reason and this time he was at fault. He’d left her alone when she needed him the most. Sure she had her husband, but he and Chad were never without one another and to her he represented her son and he took that away.

They stopped there hugging one another while letting go of their hurt and letting go some of their grief.

“I’m glad you came to see him,” she looked up at him with a smile, “but please come and see me before you leave okay?”

“I will,” he promised as he walked her to her car.

Jared felt good about seeing Chad’s mom. He still felt a little guilty that he was driving the car that killed his best friend, but it was nice to know that his mother didn’t blame him as he thought. He knew that Jeff wasn't going to let this pass without teasing him, so when he buckled into the car Jeff was quiet. Too quiet for Jared’s liking and when he finally did speak, Jared wished he’d have stayed quiet.

“Tonight we talk to mom and dad,” Jeff announced.

“Jeff,” Jared whined as he looked towards Jensen for help, but for once his mate offered no help.

“Jared we need to know what they know. Look at it this way, you won’t have to hide your pregnancy from them.”
“So you expect me to just waltz into the house and announce that I’m pregnant?” Jared snapped.

“No I don't, Jared. We’ll start off with me and then see what they know. No one is throwing you to the wolves so stop being a spoiled brat.”

“No, the wolves will be gunning for mom and dad,” Jared snarked.

Jensen threw them off by laughing at the brothers, “Y'all remind me of my brother and I when we were younger, he snorted. “No one is going to waltz in and ask your parents anything, we’re going to wait until we can get Megan out of the house and then discuss this. It’s up to the two of you to get her out of the house.”

“I thought you were on my side,” Jared pouted.

“I am,” Jensen chuckled “but just because I’m your mate that doesn't mean that I will support everything you want.”

The pouting lasted until they arrived at Jensen's hotel where his expression changed to one of lust. They still didn’t give into the lust, but Jared didn’t want to go without their nightly contact.

When they arrived home went straight to the kitchen and, washed up and began to help his mother with dinner. He watched her as she seasoned the chicken and prepared it to be fried. She walked him through the preparation.

“I’ve written this down for you, but it helps when you do it yourself.”

“Mom!” Megan ran into the kitchen screeching, “Lauren, the head varsity cheerleader called, the meeting for Friday has been changed to tonight because the football team will practice on the field instead of us.”

“Well, that’s kind of last minute, isn’t it sweetheart?” Sherri asked.

“Yeah, but it couldn’t be helped,” she explained. “You don’t even have to take me, Lauren will give me a ride.”

“Okay,” she told her, “Jared can you take over here while I talk to Lauren.”

“Mom please don’t embarrass me,” Megan wailed.

“If you want to go, then I will confirm this,” she told the teenager in a tone that brooked no argument.

“I got this mom,” Jared told her as she grabbed Megan’s phone to confirm the practice.

There wasn’t much to do since the chicken was in the deep fryer, so while his mom was upstairs with Megan, Jared knew that this was the opening he and Jeff needed to confront his parents but he wasn’t sure that he was ready to lose any more faith in his parents.

There was no doubt that they knew what Jeff was and they didn’t inform him, he couldn’t look at them if they told a lie. If they needed to, one child they could pass off as adopted but two? Even if Jared wasn’t born a shifter, he had enough genes to be a mate to one and they sent him out into the world unprepared.

They had to make sure this didn’t happen to Meggie.

Dinner was strained, at least on Jared’s part because one glance at Jeff and he knew that his brother was going to say something but he was waiting for the right moment. Apparently that was during dessert. Just as his mom placed the hot apple pie on the table the doorbell rang and he knew before his father opened it, Jensen was on the other side.

“Mr. Ackles,” his father greeted Jensen and Jared could hear the disapproval in his voice, “Jared’s not due to fly back for a couple more days, that is unless you’ve forgotten something else that couldn’t wait.”

“I invited him dad,” Jeff defended Jensen.
Of course Jeff invited him because what were the chances of Jensen showing up at the house the one night Meggie wasn’t there.

Tightening his mouth, Gerald Padalecki opened the door wider and let Jensen enter and from the frown on his father’s face, Jared knew. He knew that his parents were aware of their bloodline and that they conspired to keep it a secret. Did they know about him?

After learning the differences in the way a human smelled and a shifter, Jared knew they weren’t weres but could they tell that he was different? Did they know that he was Jensen’s mate and that he was pregnant? He was about to find out.

Ever the perfect southern hostess, Sherri gave Jensen a tight smile and asked if Jensen wanted some pie? Jared rolled his eyes, because there was only one thing Jensen would turn down pie for and he wasn’t about to get knotted on the dining room table.

“Don’t mind if I do,” Jensen gave them a shit eating grin and joined them at the table in the seat next to Jared.

If the atmosphere in the dining room was tense before, it was much worse now and Jeff, who sat opposite Jensen and Jared was grinning like a loon because he was finally getting his answers. Jared almost felt sorry for his parents.

“That was delicious, Mrs. Padalecki,” Jensen complimented his mom and she wasn’t totally immune to Jensen’s charm because she blushed as she muttered thank you to his mate.

“That was good mom,” Jeff started, “Um, Jared and I were looking through some of the old photo albums today and I noticed that there are no baby pictures of me. Why not?”

Subtle, Jared thought but at least he didn’t just come out and ask them why he didn’t know that he was a shifter.

“We do have some of you,” Sherri smiled at him, “They’re in the albums.”
“No mom, baby pictures not the pictures that start after my first birthday,” Jeff corrected her.

As Jeff and his mom discussed the pictures Jared reached out and took Jensen’s hand in his because this was not going to be as easy as he’d hoped.

“I mean pictures of me when I was a newborn looking like a wrinkled old man.”

“Those were lost in one our moves,” Gerald defended his wife.

“Oh, they were lost?” Jeff pretended to mull it over, “so it wasn’t because I was born with fur and a tail then?”

Jared squeezed Jensen’s hand as he caught his parent’s expressions. His mother sat there looking like a fish out of water while his father ran a hand down his face in defeat.

Jared was trying to find something to say when Sherri suddenly stood up and went into his father’s den and returned a few seconds later clutching a photo album. Walking up to Jeff, she handed him the album before returning to her seat next to her husband.

To say that they were surprised was an understatement, but that didn’t stop Jared from jumping from his chair and walking to stand behind Jeff to look at the photos. They all featured a little tan wolf pup walking around a small den.

There were tons of pictures probably more than they had of both he and Megan combined. That was ,understandable because he was their first child and he was more adorable than they were. There was picture after picture of Jeff playing with his parents and another pup who appeared to be a little older.

They turned the pages when something occurred to Jared, “Who’s the other pup?” Jared asked his parents.
“That’s your cousin, Michael,” Sherri answered.

Jared suspicion was right; the other pup was a little older. Their cousin Michael who lived in Washington state, was four months older than Jeff. Their mother was visiting them when she gave birth to Jeff. Now Jared wondered if that visit was planned.

As a matter of fact, she’d visited her sister when all of them had been born. He’d think about that later, right now he was marveling at the images of his big brother as a pup.

“Jensen, I wonder if this is what our pup will look like,” he asked aloud as he thought about the pup he was carrying.

“Jared!” Both of his parents exclaimed.

“No, you can’t. You...” His mother stuttered as she tried to deny what Jared was saying. “You’re human, baby.”

His father felt no such compunction. Jared could tell that his father knew that something was going on between Jensen and his son, but he couldn’t voice it. Now that he could, his expression said that he wanted to kill the younger man.

“What did you do?” He yelled as he rose from his seat and pulled Jared’s collar back. “He’s just a boy and you’ve ruined his life by turning him into something unnatural!”

“So you think I’m unnatural?” Jeff asked in a shaking voice. “Is that why you put me on those damned pills to suppress who I am because you are ashamed of me?”

“No, I’m not ashamed of you Jeff, and that’s not what I meant by being unnatural,” his mother denied.

“Please tell me that you’re not calling Jared unnatural,” Jensen demanded as he stood up ready to defend his mate.

“He’s a man, a pregnant man. No that’s not natural and how can you convince him that it is?” Sherri was crying openly now.

“While you and your ancestors were crawling around in the dirt trying to figure this world out we had been here for hundreds of years. We built civilizations that your scientists are still trying to figure out. While you were dying from things like the common cold we were striving and helped you to survive. However, once humans were on their feet they didn’t need the shifters anymore and made us the stuff of nightmares until we had to hide. We’re more natural than you will ever be. I brought Jared here so that you could see him before he gave birth but I wish I’d have kept him in Alaska and he would still have his illusions about his parents.”

“Jared I want you to know that we love you and that you don’t have to go back with him,” Sherri pleaded. “We can get you help, suppressants to control the heats and birth control so that you won’t have to suffer the indignancy of being pregnant.”

“I must admit mother, I was surprised that I could get pregnant, after all human men don’t become pregnant, but then I’m not human am I? I will go back with my mate and I suspect that Jeff will go back with us. All I need from you is an explanation of why you kept this a secret from us.”

“I can go to the authorities, you’re still underage,” Gerald Padalecki threatened.

“So that we can become scientific experiments?” Jeff sneered “So that your grandchild be taken and experimented on because you couldn’t face the truth?”

His father seemed to deflate at Jeff’s questions, and Jared’s body stopped trembling with the fear that coursed through his body. He couldn’t believe his parents would go so far to hide who and what they are.

“It’s on both sides of the family, the lycanthropy,” his father began to explain. “But it had been a long time since anyone in the family showed signs that we didn’t think that it would affect our kids, but then Sherri’s sister Teresa called, she had given birth to a... to a pup. She and her husband both had lycanthropy in their family, but like us they didn’t think about it, but she was in Washington and gave birth in a pack hospital so no one questioned it. She called us because she knew that Sherri was going to give birth soon and encouraged us to come there for the delivery.”

“Why didn’t you just leave me there?” Jeff asked.
Clearing his throat, Gerald said, “We thought about it, but in the end we couldn’t because we loved you.”

“You loved him so much you placed him on suppressants?” Jared scoffed. “I’m surprised you had another child, let alone two.”

“You were an accident. I wish that there was a nicer way to say that so that it doesn’t cause you pain, but we had no intention of having more children. There had been a discussion of terminating the pregnancy, but we couldn’t do it. When we went back to the pack hospital and you were born human we decided to try again and Megan was born human.”

“You do realize that Megan, like Jared has a shifter mate somewhere in the world?” Jensen asked the pair. “When she comes of age and presents, her latent wolf knows that it has a mate somewhere and she will go searching for them. Lucky for me, you sent Jared to me, but don’t do that to your child. Suppressants or not, she will wander because she can’t find the other half of her soul.”

“Tell her mom, she needs to know,” Jared softly implored. “You always told us that you and dad were love at first sight, but I know now that you’re soulmates. Just because you don’t shift doesn’t mean that you aren’t mates.”

“When do we tell her?” Sherri asked in a voice thick with tears.

Jensen left Jared’s side and knelt in front of her and took her hands in his and assured her. “You’ll know, Mrs. Padalecki, you’ll know.”

If Jared hadn’t already loved him, he would have fallen in love with Jensen in that moment. Despite the fact that she had wanted to split them apart, he took the time to show her kindness.

“Where do we go from here?” She asked as she glanced around the room to the men as though one of them had the answer. “How do I keep her from hating me?”

“By telling her mama,” Jared advised. “You don’t have to tell her right now, but tell her and include her in your decisions so you won’t end up with another situation like this.”

“I thought you said that you forgave me,” she cried.

“I do forgive you, mama,” Jeff assured her, “ but it’s going to be hard to forget. I spent the last three years thinking that you were so ashamed of me that you didn’t even keep pictures of me as a baby. That you have that album, shows me that you didn’t but I can’t promise you that there won’t be times when something you do or say will trigger that feeling, but I’ll have to work through those feelings.”

“C’mon on mama, let’s clear the table, and I’ll cut a piece of pie for Jensen to have later tonight,” Jared encouraged his mother knowing that the busy work would keep her mind occupied for now.

In the kitchen Sherri instructed Jared to sit down. “You look tired and stressed, you don’t want to get upset-with the baby and all,” she explained.

Taking a seat at the breakfast bar, Jared blushed because he knew that at some point he would need to talk to his mom about the baby, but for some reason it embarrassed him to know that his mother knew that he was having sex. He blushed harder at the thought of her knowing the things he did with Jensen.

“Do you have a pack that will help you disguise that you are the baby’s birth parent?” Sherri shocked him out of his embarrassment. How did she know about that?

“Mom how do you know about surrogates?” he questioned her

“Your cousin Mike was - is, um an Omega.” She revealed. “When he was seventeen he mated to a pack member, but when we visited them the month before, we experienced him going through a heat. My sister gave him toys, but nothing would alleviate the need that he was experiencing. Do you have to go through that, Jared?”

“N-no I don’t,” he stuttered, “I have Jensen to get me through my heats.”

“Good. Good,” she nodded absently. “After we saw that, your dad and I decided that we wouldn’t let Jeff suffer through that so we found a pack doctor to help us. He explained that Jeff showed signs of being an Alpha and explained ruts versus heats, but to us that sounded just as bad. From his description we envisioned Jeff out of his mind with need attacking some unsuspecting girl and we just couldn’t. He gave us a suppressant and an extremely strong steroid. Jeff was told it was because of an asthmatic problem he had. The pills stopped him from having his ruts and it stopped him from shifting. We just wanted to protect him.”

“Mom you should have told him, but I’m sure he would have understood.”

“Yeah, mom I would have understood,” Jeff echoed from the doorway. “Much easier than thinking that I wasn’t wanted.”

“You were always wanted,” she stressed and she took his face between her damp hands, “Jeff, always.”

The rest of the evening was spent talking openly about Jared’s new life and Jeff’s future. Jared was relaxed but he could feel that Jensen was still waiting for something to happen keeping his wolf just below the surface to defend Jared if needed.

To keep the wolf from emerging, Jared sent communication through their bond letting Jensen know that he was okay, but that still didn’t make him relax his guard.

“Jared, you need rest,” Jensen chuckled at Jared’s wide mouth yawn. “I don’t want you to tire yourself.”

Standing, Jared followed Jensen to the door. “You’re ready to go?”


“They know, Jensen so there’s no reason for me to spend time away from you now.”

He could tell Jensen wanted to be the bigger man and say no, but there was no way he was going to turn down having his mate back, “Okay.”

“Does this mean that you’re leaving tomorrow?” Gerald asked trying not to show that the thought upset him.

“No,” Jensen shook his head, “We'll stay the next two days as planned but please understand I need him with me. Our bond…”

“I don’t know much about a bond,” Gerald started, “and while it’s against everything I believe to send my sixteen-year-old son with a man so much older, I do know what it’s like to be away from the one you love to the point that it gets under your skin, but please don’t leave without saying goodbye.”

Jensen walked to Gerald and shook the man’s hand, “I won’t.”

Because Jensen made them spend the time apart, Jared decided that he wasn’t going to play fair, so before the rental car had pulled out of the drive Jared’s hand was on Jensen’s thigh creeping towards his crotch.

He expected Jensen to reprimand him, but he just spread his legs to give Jared more room. The glow of the dashboard let him see that affect he was having on Jensen as he focused on the road, and when Jared’s hand began to stroke Jensen’s cock he saw him briefly close his eyes, wet his full lips with his tongue before biting down on the plump flesh to hold back a moan.

Reaching for the dashboard, Jared pushed the power button on the radio, “let me hear you Jen. Let me hear what I do to you.”

“Feels too good Jared and it’s been too long. if you keep doing that I won’t last,” Jensen bit out.

“I know, that way when we get back to the hotel and you knot me, we’ll have taken the edge off; now let me hear you,” Jared asked.

“Oh God,” Jensen’s moan filled the car and the sound went straight to Jared’s dick and he felt the slick as his body prepared itself to take Jensen’s cock.

Nimble fingers moved swiftly and unbuckled Jensen’s belt and unzipped his jeans and pulled the butter soft material down when Jensen lifted his hips. When his soft fingers encircled Jensen’s hot flesh, Jensen muttered “Oh fuck,” and swerved the car.

“Don’t kill me,” Jared murmured before he took Jensen in his mouth.

“Why not, you’re killing me,” Jensen groaned as Jared’s mouth began to move.

It felt wonderful, loving when Jensen’s hands massaged his scalp as Jared took him deeper, and for some reason the gentle touch seemed more intimate that's the cock in his mouth.

His lips stretched around the thick organ until it reached the knot swelling at the base and the head was inside his throat before he pulled back letting his tongue trace that thick vein on the underside until he had just the head in his mouth.

With each bob of his head he could feel Jensen dick swelling and he knew that after going almost two weeks without him, Jensen wasn’t going to last long. He had barely completed that thought when the salty spunk was filling his mouth.

After swallowing, Jared sat up in the car and blinked at the bright lights in the parking garage. He tucked Jensen back into his jeans and exited the car.

Jensen smiled as Jared walked to him, and pulled him forward reached up and used his thumb to wipe the corner of Jared’s mouth and placed the pad of his thumb to his mouth, “You missed some.”

Jared’s response was to suck the digit into his mouth and suck it clean.

Unlike the previous elevator rides, as soon as the door swooshed closed, Jensen had him pinned against the paneled wall and his hand inside Jared’s jeans and wrapped around his hard cock. As good as it felt, Jared wanted to feel these skilled fingers filling his ass because it felt empty.

They were lucky that there were no other passengers in the car with them as Jensen attempted to stroke Jared to completion before they made it to their floor. Despite their lack of contact, Jared had to walk to the room with his hard dick rubbing against his zipper.
Once inside the room there was no teasing as both men rushed to shed their clothes for the skin on skin contact. As Jared toed off his shoes he watched as Jensen did the same. When Jensen’s fully erect cock came into view, his mouth went dry. There was no way this was going to last.

After removing the last of his clothing, Jared didn’t bother to pull the covers back he just climbed onto the bed and presented himself to his Alpha.

The bed dipped as Jensen crawled onto the bed and settled behind Jared, taking one finger, he placed it at the place where Jared’s back ends and his ass begins and traced it down until he reached that tight muscle and slipped one finger inside.

Leaning forward, Jensen covered Jared's back as he whispered into Jared’s ear, “I want you so bad, right now Jared, I would love to take the time to give you all of the foreplay you desire, but right now I need to be inside you.”

“’S what I want too, Jensen,” Jared moaned as Jensen added a second finger, “’S what I need Alpha.”

Knowing that his mate loved it when he called him Alpha, Jared wasn’t surprised when Jensen lined his cock to the tiny winking muscle and entered him.

Just as Jared predicted, Jensen didn’t last long, and neither did Jared but that didn’t matter. As Jensen made them comfortable as he waited for his knot to deflate, he pulled Jared close and they fell asleep. The sex was good, but this was what Jared needed. Contact with his Alpha.

After more mind blowing sex the next morning, Jared reeled in the fact that he didn’t have to pretend any longer and he could take Jensen to his parents’ home instead of treating him like a dirty little secret.

“Are you going to visit Chad’s mother today?” Jensen asked as they walked to the car. “We’ll be leaving soon and you haven’t been back to see her.”

“I promised mom and dad that we would have breakfast with them tomorrow,” he reminded Jensen. Pulling out his phone, Jared suggested, “Why don’t I invite her for breakfast? I’m sure mom and dad wouldn’t mind.”
Breakfast turned out to be a happy affair and Sarah came the next two days where she and Jared were able to remember Chad. Jared apologized again for not visiting sooner but she dismissed his apology.

“We’re in a good place now, so let it go Jared, I have.”

She was there to see them off when they flew back to Alaska with Jeff in tow. Jensen had mentioned the large were population in Nome and Jeff wanted to check it out for himself because there was a strong possibility that his mate was there and he would be closer to Jared.

It had been five months since his visit to his parents, but as the searing pain coursed through his body all Jared could think about was that he wanted his mama. The pain had started before he’d gone to bed and had become unbearable by morning.

While he could still walk, Jared shifted to his wolf form and slunk out of the house to the den he had spent months preparing at the base of an old growth tree. Jensen should be checking his traps, but once he realized that Jared was about to give birth, he took up guard outside the den. He could hear Jensen pacing back and forth outside his den.

He wouldn’t enter because he knew that even though he hadn’t given birth yet, Jared’s would attack him to protect his den. It took him four days to give birth and Jensen hunted for him, leaving his fresh kill at the mouth of the den for Jared to find.

A week after giving birth to a pair of pups, a girl and a boy, Jared nudged the pups out of the den to meet their Alpha. He wasn’t sure what he would name his daughter, he would let Jensen decide what to call her, but his son was named Chad.

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