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Fic Title: The prints of its handlers part 1 Timestamp to Alaska
Author: [ profile] cillab42
Fandom/Genre: RPS
Pairing(s): Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 22k
Warnings: underage (Jared is 16) a/b/o, werewolves, bottom!jared, mentions of mpreg,

Summary: Jared has accepted his role as Jensen's mate until he found out he's left out a few details. Like pregnancy. Thanks [ profile] masja_17 for the beta. Any mistakes foun are my own.

Jared and Jensen belong to themselves just borrowing their likeness.

The thought of losing Jared scared Jensen and if they didn’t handle the Padalecki’s just right that could happen. Right now Jared wasn’t showing signs of pregnancy and the pup was just a blip on the ultrasound, but if Jared’s parents knew what was really going on with their son then losing him would be a reality.

He has every intention of taking Jared to Texas to see his parents so there won’t be any surprise visits, but six months was a long time to keep worried parents at bay. Right now he was going to let them see their son and see that he was better.

“Oh fuck!” Jensen mumbled.


“You’ve healed.” Jensen responded and when Jared gave him a look that read as well duh, so Jensen explained. “You’re completely healed, if you were still human it would have taken months for this degree of wellness.”

“I think I can pull off a gimp leg for a few days, Jensen,” Jared told him indignant that he thought that he couldn’t.

“I have no doubt that you couldn’t if you put your mind to it,” Jensen assured his mate, “but Jared it’s the unguarded moments that I worry about. When you’re with family you feel safe enough to let your guard down and that could spell trouble.”

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it,” Jared said as the waitress placed their orders in front of them.

Jensen studied Jared for a moment as he began to eat, despite all of the changes that just occurred in his life this young wolf had the belief that everything would turn out alright, and if Jared could accept that they could, then Jensen let himself believe as well.

After years of loneliness, he had more than he could ever have hoped for and even though he was the alpha, he knew that wherever Jared led, he would follow.

After leaving Henry’s they drove to an innocuous looking building on the outskirts of town. When Jensen moved to get out Jared stilled him with a touch, “Can we talk before we go inside?”

“Sure sweetheart.”

“We’ve been talking about what we’re going to do to protect our family, but I can’t feel you-our bond and it feels like I’m alone in this. Can you please…?”

Before leaning in to kiss his mate, Jensen removed the wall he placed there to protect himself, and was overwhelmed by the love that he felt coming across the bond. Jared may be younger, but it seemed that his boy might just be a little wiser.

“Hello,” Jensen greeted and smiled when Jared blushed at the emotion Jensen was sending over the bond.

Jensen knew what to expect when he walked into the building to meet Danneel, but he wanted the see how Jared handled it. He opened the door to the building and held it open letting him walk through first.

Jensen closely followed Jared into the building and his chest slammed into Jared’s back when the omega abruptly stopped when he saw the occupants of the room. Jensen couldn’t help smiling when Jared clapped his hands and squealed, “Puppies!” before running towards the furry babies in the middle of the room.

He’s really going to have to make sure that Jared stops using that term when it comes to shifters, because if the wrong wolf heard Jared call another shifter’s offspring a puppy, then he would have to fight to defend his mate. Depending on the wolf, it might even be to the death. He saw the joy on Jared’s face so Jensen decided to wait before telling Jared that the parents of the fur babies he was so enamored with also walked on two legs.
Right now as he watched Jared as he lay in the middle of the room letting the pups climb all over him, Jensen decided to let that lesson wait.

“He’s not that much older himself is he?” an amused feminine voice asked.

“I should have known that you would be the one to give me shit about his age, Danni,” Jensen accused, the hint of laughter kept the accusation from being taken seriously.

They were supposed to be there to discuss Danneel’s role as their supposed surrogate, but this was the happiest that Jensen has seen Jared in a while and he wasn’t going to interrupt the fun that Jared was having. There was no avoiding the discussion and getting the paperwork together, but it could wait until Jared was ready.

For now, Jensen was content basking in the happiness and joy that came across their bond.

“It’s nice to see you smile,” Danneel commented.

Shrugging his shoulders, Jensen replied, “It’s nice to have something to smile about.

“Yeah it is,” she agreed as she looked back at Jared.

The pair of them stood there and watched as Jared became a part of the pile of pups. They knew that the omega in Jared was drawn to the pups; it made his want to care and nurture them and Jensen couldn’t help but be proud of his mate.

The strong emotions that Jensen was emitting were felt through the bond and caused Jared to seek Jensen out from across the room and give him a smile that rivaled the sun for brightness.

As Jared and Jensen stared at one another, one of the older pups crawled into Jared’s lap, breaking the spell. Turning away from Jensen, Jared began making baby noises at the pup while rubbing his fat belly. As Jared continued to love the pup, its puppy whimpers became gurgling as the pup shifted into a toddler.

“Oh my God!” Danneel exclaimed as she raced towards the pair. “We’ve been trying since his first birthday to get him to shift but your boy has done in an hour what we couldn’t in a year.”

Jensen smiled and thought that he wished that Jared would play with him like that, he’d do the impossible for him as well, make him feel human.

“Look, Jen!” Jared said in wonder as he held the boy close. It seemed as though Jensen wasn’t going to have to give Jared that lesson after all. Well not all of it, he’ll still have to teach him not to call the babies puppies. It really wasn’t that much different from calling them pups, but to werewolves, the title made a difference and Jared needed to know that.

“His name is Bryson,” Danneel smiled as she looked at the toddler in Jared’s arms, “and he’s been a little shy about showing us his human side.”

Danneel may be surprised but Jensen understood how the pup felt, one look into those ever changing eyes of Jared’s and Jensen would do whatever Jared wanted as well.

When the redhead reached Jared the toddler was cooing at Jared and he began to cry when he was handed over to her. Jensen wanted to talk terms and money concerning their surrogate, but that couldn’t be settled until the baby was asleep. That meant that Jensen had to watch as his mate rocked the child to sleep and the sight riled Jensen’s wolf.

He was affected by the sight of Jared with a child in his arms and he couldn’t wait to see the real thing, a baby that shared their genes, smelling like both of them and showing the world that Jared was his.

The toddler finally fell asleep and the three of them discussed terms. Of course there was some monetary compensation as an offer of goodwill, but there was also paperwork. Jensen remembered when Steve and Chris had their first pup, of course there was the financial aspect of it, but there was no paperwork to file with the pack Alpha.

No, back then your word was your bond and a handshake sealed the deal. But that’s impossible to do now. In a world of computers and carbon footprints the pack had to be careful about whom they were using as a surrogate so that the dates didn’t overlap in the event that a non-shifter started to question babies born of male Omegas.

Once they’d settled on the amount Jared looked between the two of them and Jensen could tell that he had questions and he waited for his young Omega to ask. When he blushed so beautifully and hung his head down Jensen could tell that he was embarrassed so he helped him.

“Okay we’ve gotten everything settled, Jared did you have question for Dani?” he asked as he wrote Dani a check for a third of the amount they agreed upon.

Instead of asking, Jared ducked his head and Jensen could see that the tips of his ears were red as his embarrassment increased. “Sweetheart, this is all new to you, don’t be afraid to ask a question about something you want to know, or rather need to know.”

Blowing out a puff of air, Jared asked, “It’s stupid. I mean how is this supposed to work? The surrogacy. If I go to the doctors, then how are we supposed to fool anyone?”

“All doctor’s appointment will be in my name,” Dani explained, “your blood work will be in my name so that if anyone questions the validity of the pregnancy it will be there in black and white.”

“What if… what if someone here notices that you’re not pregnant?” Jared reasoned, “it’s possible that someone would want to know when you had a baby, if you’re examined it’ll be pretty clear that you’ve not given birth.”

“Because everyone here is a shifter, it’s easier to get away with doing this. If we were in the lower forty-eight, then we would have to go away until the baby’s born.” Jensen tried to relieve some of his mates’ fears.

“Yeah,” Dani agreed nodding her head towards the pile of pups, “and besides, I have given birth. One of those pups you were playing with is mine.

“Okay,” Jared nodded and added softly, “I just want to make sure that no one is going to come and take our child.”

“No one is going to do that!” Jensen assured him, his voice hard like steel at the thought. “You’re not the first male Omega to give birth, we know how to protect our own.”

“Okay,” Jared nodded wide eyed and still looking a little scared. “Um, may I go say goodbye to Bryson? If he’s asleep I promise not to wake him.”

“Sure sweetie,” Danneel smiled at him.
Once Jared disappeared into the nursery, Danneel observed, “he’s young.”

“Yeah, I know,” Jensen agreed as he stared at the place Jared had disappeared. “But he’s my mate, Luna has declared it. He understands that he can’t shout out that he’s a were let alone that he’s pregnant. The world is not ready for either of those but I’ll be there to guide him.”

When Danneel didn’t answer Jensen turned to look at her and he saw that she was smiling at him, “What?”

“Nothing - it’s just that it’s wonderful to see that look of love and contentment on your face. Jensen, it’s just good to see your face and I just want this to turn out well for you. He seems to have a good head on his shoulders and I think his motherly instinct will kick in and keep our secret safe.”

“We were that that young once. There are a lot of shifters here who’ve claimed non-shifters as mates who were younger than Jared, you didn’t worry about them. His sense of pack will keep him quiet.”

“We were born into this, he wasn’t. I know that his sense of pack will keep him quiet, it’s just that things are so different now. There’s a non-shifter family that just moved here and they’ve got everyone on edge with their talk about hunting wolves.”

“Perhaps their mates are here,” Jensen stated It wasn’t unheard of a human family moving around until they settle in an area where there is a large pack. They settle in the area because their mates are in the pack. “It wouldn’t be the first time that a family moved here because they felt the pull of their mate - of the pack.”

“Let’s hope so. If they’re not here for pack or mates they’ll be dangerous to us and Alpha Beaver might have to decide what to do with them.”

“Make ‘em pack,” Jensen reasoned. It was better to sacrifice a few humans than the entire pack. “Keep me posted,” Jensen ended the conversation when he saw Jared walking towards him smiling.

They said their goodbyes and made their way to a local Bed and Breakfast to spend the night before flying out in the morning. They were up before the sun the next morning and back at the airstrip where they were going to fly to Anchorage and then to Seattle and from there to Texas. On the drive to the airstrip Jared worried his bottom lip so much that it went from the pretty pink that Jensen loved to a blood red.

“What’s wrong Jared?” Jensen asked his young mate. “I can feel how worried you are and I know it can’t be the flight, so tell me what’s wrong.”

When Jared didn’t respond, but his nervousness amped up that it was making Jensen fidgety and flying never bother him before.

“Back at Henry’s we agreed to talk to one another to discuss what was bothering us, so please,” he begged huskily, “please tell me what I did between leaving the nursery and getting into this damned car.”

The one thing about a bond is that you can’t lie unless you block the bond before you speak and Jared wasn’t skilled in doing that, he was young and impulsive and he spoke without closing off the bond. A voice in the back of his head reminded Jensen that Jared was new at this so he probably didn’t know how to do that. Jensen would have to teach him but not while he’s breaking his promise.

He was relieved when Jared began to talk.

“I know that I wasn’t born a wolf like you and Danneel, but I’m not going to tell anyone that… well anything.” Jared informed Jensen in a quiet, hurt voice. “I would die if someone took my baby.”

Jared sounded so hurt that Jensen felt his fangs try to push through as his wolf sought for dominance to protect his mate. He should have been more careful talking to Danneel, Jared was not human and he had the hearing of wolves and heard their conversation.

It wasn’t intended to hurt Jared, but the road to Hell was paved with good intentions.

“Jared I trust you,” Jensen tried to reassure his mate. “Dani was just on edge because of the humans in town.”

“It wasn’t that long ago that I was the new human in town, did you think of me like that?” Jared demanded.

“I didn’t know you were here,” Jensen reminded him “because had I known I would have made you mine sooner.” When he realized that his attempt to lighten the mood hadn’t worked, Jensen changed tactics. “I trust you, Jared we all trust you, but it’s scary when someone new moves in and can risk exposing us all. Remember how you felt when I told you were my mate? You didn’t exactly jump into my arms. We just have to be careful that’s all.”

Jensen could see - could feel Jared as he remembered the time when they first met and not for the first time did he question why Luna sent him a mate so young. It didn’t matter Jensen had him now and he would die protecting Jared.

“I guess it’s that I’m scared about my family finding out. They sent me here to Jeff - to you so is it possible that they knew what Jeff was. What everybody in this town is?”

Jensen thought about Jared’s question and realized that there were some valid points to what he was saying. Jeff was an old family friend valued enough that Jared’s parents trusted him with their son.

“It’s possible Jared, but be careful before you reveal anything, we don’t know the story and I don’t want to take chances. It’s going to be hard enough leaving you with them while I go off and pretend that you mean nothing to me.”

“Yeah, about that,” Jared licked his lips “how about a hotel before we call my family and let them know I’m back?”

Jensen grinned at his boy. “Yeah we can do that.”

Jared was happy to finally reach their destination when they landed at the Austin-Bergstrom airport. He was tired but he was looking forward to spending some time alone at the airport Hilton before his family descended on them. They had landed early so that would give them extra alone time and Jared felt heat pooling low in his belly at the thought.

If there were any shifters in the area they would have been overwhelmed at the pheromones that Jared was giving off at the thought of Jensen fucking him. Even if no one else could smell it, the look in Jensen’s eyes told him that he could and he hurried with his phone call reserving them a room.

As he walked towards Jensen he thought that they might not make it that far, so he scanned the area for a bathroom just in case. He needed Jensen inside him now. He couldn’t knot him here, but he could ease the ache that was building inside and making him drip slick.

He had almost reached Jensen and was lost in the answering scent that Jensen was releasing when he heard his name being called.


At the sound of his childhood name Jared was torn. He wanted to go find a stall in the bathroom with Jensen, but his mom and dad were walking so fast towards him he thought that they were going to start sprinting. Beside him he heard Jensen growl in frustration, but he knew that this was the last he was going to see of his mate while he was in Texas.

“J.T,” his mother breathed out as she reached up to embrace him. She didn’t give him one of the famous Padalecki hugs because she was mindful of his supposed injuries.

He actually felt guilty because he would have to lie to his parents and pretend that he was still recovering from the accident.

“Who is this J.T?” his father nodded with a frown towards Jensen who was still standing next to his mate.

“Um, this is Jensen, he um. He,” Jared stuttered as he tried to find a way to introduce Jensen. Unable to lie made him feel like the child that he’d told Jensen earlier that he wasn’t.

“I’m Jensen Ackles, a friend of Jeff’s,” Jensen introduced himself while extending his hand to Jared’s father, Gerald. “I had some business to take care of so I decided to escort Jared back to Texas.”

“Thank you for that,” Gerald enthused as he pumped Jensen’s hand. “We were worried about him making that flight on his own.”

Jared stood there rolling his eyes and listening as the adults talked. He was doing everything in his power not to beg to go with his mate, but he didn’t, he couldn’t. Even if for some reason he confessed to his parents they wouldn’t understand - Jensen’s a man and he’s older than Jared. They would have him arrested.

So instead of whining like the sixteen (and a half) year-old that he was, Jared watched as Jensen walked away from him. He prayed to Luna that he never has to experience that again, but despite the fact that his mate was walking away from him, Jared could feel the love through their bond and it made the teenager calm down an allowed him to walk through the airport without having an emotional meltdown.

During the drive home Jared didn’t have time to miss Jensen because he was being bombarded with questions from his parents. What was Alaska like? How was he getting along with Jeff and a million other things and Jared answered as best he could before another question was thrown at him.

With his mind on Jensen and the slick mess in his pants, Jared answered his parent questions in what he hoped to be a sensible manner, and since his mother hadn’t reprimanded him he supposed that he was doing okay.

When they pulled up in front of his childhood home Jared couldn’t help but compare it to the one he shared with Jensen in Alaska and found himself wanting to go back there. He’d been happy here until his accident and now, before he’d even entered, he felt uncomfortable and out of place.

Walking into the house Jared made himself remember that he was supposed to be hurt and limped into the house. He had to stop and remember which leg had been injured.

“Your leg still bothering you son?” His father asked worriedly. “Here let me take your bag so that you won’t put too much pressure on that leg.”

“No, I’m good,” Jared insisted as the overwhelming guilt made him hold onto his bag.

“Leave the boy alone, Gerald,” Sherri Padalecki admonished, “you know how independent he is. He’s been without us for months, so don’t try to take away his independence.”

God, he wanted to kiss his mom for that, because Jared could have protested until he ran out of breath but his dad wouldn’t have listened. His mom was the only one who could get his dad to stand down. Maybe coming home was a good thing after all, he could learn a thing or two from her about how to handle Jensen.

Not that he wanted to manipulate his mate, it was just that there were times when he wanted to get his… okay, so maybe he wanted to manipulate him a little.

Pretending was hard work. Jared took fifteen minutes to walk up the stairs when it normally takes about ten seconds at most. Once he was there he tossed his bag on the foot of his bed and pulled his phone from his pocket and called Jensen.

“Hey, sweetheart,” Jensen answered in a deep growl so sexy that Jared had slick oozing from his hole. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” he huffed, “woulda been better if you’d knotted me before I came ho… here.”

“You and me both, kid, you and me both. Hopefully we’ll be able to meet up before you leave, because it’s gonna kill me to go two weeks without you. And before you ask it’s not just the sex.”

“But I want the sex,” Jared whined. “Please tell me that you’ll find a way for us to meet before we go back home.”

“That’s a promise baby boy,” Jensen growled.

“J.T.” his mom called through his closed door, “lunch is ready.”

“I’ve gotta go, Jen,” he whispered, “I’ll call you tonight before I go to sleep.”

Putting his phone away Jared opened the door to his mother. His curiosity came from her and he knew that if she heard him on his phone after just arriving home, she would want to know to whom he was speaking and he didn’t want to lie.

He wonders what she would say if he told her he was a werewolf, an Omega werewolf and that he was pregnant. He’s sure that she would prevent him from going back to Alaska and he would die before he let that happen so he bit his tongue and slowly followed her downstairs for lunch.

Jared smiled when he made it into the dining room where his mother had a huge spread on the table. He could tell that she had prepared for his homecoming because of the sheer amount of food. There were hoagies on that fancy bread that she only used for special occasions, homemade potato chips, a chocolate cake and Coke. His mom never served carbonated sodas because she thought that they were a personal affront to her, so this made him feel special.

If this huge spread was lunch,it made him wonder what did she have planned for dinner?

Biting into his first sandwich, Jared didn’t really care. It had been a long time since he had eaten this well. He was responsible for dinner while Jensen trapped and well, even his sandwiches weren’t this good.

As he tucked into his third sandwich, Jared felt his parent’s eyes on him. He’d been known for his voracious appetite before he’d left for Alaska, but this was a lot even for him, but he couldn’t help it. Since Jensen claimed him his body temperature was higher and his appetite was bigger, and that didn’t just include food. That’s why he had to see Jensen or he was going to go crazy.

“J.D. not feeding you son?” His dad chuckled. “Haven’t seen anyone eat like that since Jeff turned sixteen.”

Jared smiled at the mention of his older brother. Yeah Jeff had a huge appetite but everyone attributed that to his height. Jared was tall but Jeff was taller. He was taller, smarter and better looking, but despite all of that he was a nice person.

He wasn’t there when Jared’s accident happened and Jared had wanted him there. By the time his parents had been able to contact him, Jared was in Alaska. Once Jeff turned eighteen he began to fill a wanderlust that no one knew he had. Jared couldn’t recall his brother ever mentioning traveling or wanting to get out of Texas, but he hadn’t stayed in one place since he’d left.

“Speaking of Jeff, he called today,” his mother announced as though she had been reading his mind. “I’ll have all three of my babies under my roof again.”

“That’ll be great,” his dad smiled.

Lunch was spent catching Jared up on his friends progress, and Jared just listened pretending along with his parents that the kids who’d blamed him for Chad’s death were still his friends.

“I saw Sarah Murray today,” his mother announced. “I told her you were here and she’d like to see you, Jared.”

At the mention of Chad’s mother, the chocolate cake that Jared had been savoring turned to sawdust in his mouth. He hadn’t seen the woman he considered a second mother since the day they lowered his best friend into a hole in the ground.

“Mom,” he whispered while trying not to choke on the cake.

“She just wants to see you Jared and to make sure that you’re okay. She doesn’t understand why you never came to visit her before you left.”

All of a sudden there seemed to be a lack of oxygen in the room because Jared was getting light headed from his inability to breathe. He hadn’t felt this anxious since the kids at school began calling him a murderer.

These were kids that he and Chad had known since they were in elementary school, who knew how close he and Chad had been. When they first attacked him believing that he had been drunk and Chad had been the sober one Jared wasn’t given the chance to explain before the attacks became physical.

How could he explain to his mom that the reason he hadn’t visited Mrs. Murray was because he couldn’t face her after killing her son, but he would die if he heard her making those same accusations.

As though she could read his mind, his mother chimed in, “She doesn’t blame you Jared. She places the blame where it fully belongs, in the hand of the drunk driver who caused the accident.”

“Everyone else blamed me,” Jared reminded her unable to control the pain that creeped into his voice.

“You’ve been gone a while son and things have changed. Your friends have had time to learn the truth.” his father suggested.

Jared wasn’t under any impression that his former friends had forgiven him so he gave him what he hoped was a convincing smile and said, “We’ll see.”

From the mention of Sarah Murray’s name, the meal became somewhat stilted and all Jared wanted was for the meal to end so that he could sneak upstairs and call Jensen.

In a move that he wasn’t proud of, Jared feigned tiredness to get away from his parents. He didn’t want to hurt their feelings but he couldn’t talk about Mrs. Murray and not feel guilty. They were is family and he knew they were trying to help, but the only help he needed was Jensen.

The door to his bedroom was barely closed before he had his phone out, calling his mate.
“Are you okay?” Jensen growled in his ear. “Do I need to come and get you?”
Even though his heart was screaming “Yes, come and get me,” his cooler head prevailed and he told his mate, “No.”

It took some time but Jared convinced Jensen not to come and get him, “I just needed to hear your voice.” The pair of them talked until his parents asked him to come downstairs. He was half way down the stairs when he remembered that he was supposed to be limping.

That slipped his mind when he saw Jensen standing in his family’s den.

“Mr. Ackles what brings you here?” Gerald Padalecki asked suspiciously.

“Jared,” Jensen answered. When he noticed how the Padalecki’s were staring at him, Jared could feel him struggling to explain - or rather lie as to why he was visiting their sixteen-year-old son. “He and I got a bag switched and I think that he’s gonna need what I have because I know that I need what he has of mine.”

Jared could feel his parents relax at Jensen’s explanation and his father stepped aside and let his mate inside. He wanted to go downstairs but instead he waited for Jensen to come to him. He knows that his parents want to follow the man upstairs to protect their son, but they hovered downstairs while Jensen raced up the stairs.

Once he was inside Jared’s childhood bedroom, he pushed his mate against the wall and ran his hands down his body. “Are you okay?” He asked as he familiarized himself with Jared’s body. “I could feel your distress and it was driving me crazy that I couldn’t get to you. I know that I shouldn’t have come but I couldn’t stay away.”

“It’s okay,” Jared reassured Jensen, “I'm glad you came.”

“Just say the word and fuck our plans, I’ll take you and our baby out of here to somewhere no one can find us,” Jensen vowed as he leaned forward to plant a soft kiss on Jared’s wet pink lips.

As wonderful as that sounds, Jared knew that they couldn’t do that and even though he’d keep his promise, Jensen would regret that decision the moment they walked out of the door. Jared smiled when he realized that he was being the adult.

“No Jensen. There’s no way that I want to be on the run, let alone carrying a baby with me. We’ll have to be patient. I just let myself get over-emotional because we were talking about Chad, so let’s not do anything drastic.”

“Okay,” Jensen agreed, but let me take something with me before I go.”

“No Jen, we can’t…” Jared tried to stop his mate. There was no way that his parents would believe that they were just exchanging personal items if Jensen knotted him.

“Not gonna knot you,” Jensen read Jared mind, “but I am taking some of you with me.” He warned before his hand slid to Jared’s waistband and unbuckled his belt, popped the snap and slid his hand down Jared pants not bothering to unzip them.

When he felt Jensen’s large had wrap around his cock Jared almost howled at the pleasure but before he could make a sound it was cut off by Jensen’s rough kiss.

“We’re not at home Jared, you have to keep quiet.”

For the first time in his life Jared resented his parents because he wanted to be thrown onto the bed and knotted by his mate and howl at the moon with the pleasure but he’d take what he could get so he tilted his head hack and took the pleasure that Jensen’s hand was giving him.

As Jensen’s hand worked down his shaft, Jared threw his head back until it hit the wall behind him and bit down in his lips to hold back the moans that were threatening to escape.
With his neck exposed what he didn’t realize was it was as though waiving a red cape at bull because all his mate could see was his Omega being submissive and sharp teeth found that sensitive spot and bit down.

Unlike the first time Jensen bit him there was no pain only a pleasure so intense he almost came. The only reason he didn’t was because Jensen wasn’t ready for him to do so. When the older wolf felt Jared’s balls tighten, he moved his hand to the base of Jared’s cock and squeezed, staving off what would have been a satisfying orgasm.

Licking at the bite, Jensen whispered, “Feels good huh, baby boy? You like the feel of my hands on you, controlling your pleasure don’t you?”

Jared found that his tongue was heavy and thick and unable to form words so he just moaned his response to his mate.

“I know it feels good, but I know what you really want,” Jensen continued to tease, “you want me buried deep inside you filling you up and flooding your womb even though it already has my pup in there. That what you want, Jared?”

“Yes,” he managed to force the word from his paralyzed mouth. “Want you so deep, wanna feel your knot splitting me open.”

This time it was Jensen who had to stifle a moan. ”Please let me come, Jensen. Need to. Please.”

Jared thought that his mate was going to torture him some more because instead of removing his hand right away, Jensen placed a dirty wet kiss on Jared’s spit slicked mouth before releasing the grip he had on Jared’s dick.

He kept plunging into Jared’s mouth as he came hard enough to see stars. Later after he’d come down from his post orgasmic high Jared would realize that the kiss was to keep him from screaming as he came.

After his release, had it not been for the wall and Jensen, Jared would have collapsed into a puddle of goo on the floor. A smiling Jensen took a minute to admire his handiwork before maneuvering Jared to the bed and putting him on his back looking well fucked.

“Jared,” Jensen called his name. “Jared!” he repeated.

“Yes,” he answered groggily.

“When I leave make sure you lock the door. The state you’re in you might shift and I don’t want your family walking in on you in your wolf form.”

“’Kay,” Jared yawned and sat up on the side of the bed.

He gave Jensen a crooked smile and watched as his mate picked up his duffel and walked out the door. Jared knew that he promised Jensen to do something but right now he was too sated to remember what it was so he slid back on the bed and fell asleep.

It was a good sleep until his older brother burst into the room an hour later and yelled, “Why the fuck do you smell like an Omega?”


Date: Sunday, October 2nd, 2016 11:56 pm (UTC)
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Wonderful chapter, Jeff has a lot to talk about :)

Date: Monday, October 3rd, 2016 10:09 am (UTC)
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Awesome! I like that Jared is struggling with this. It's a huge thing and of course he would be conflicted and scared. But wow, what a cliffhanger! I can't wait for more! :)

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Poor Jared doesn't know whether he's coming or going at this point and now he has to add his brother to the mix. Thanks for commenting.

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Thanks for letting me beta-read this! I got to read it first! ;)

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Thank you for taking the time to beta for me. I don't know what I'd do without you!


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